Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What Is My Superpower?

Super power, super power, what in heaven's name is my super power. This is a hard question, I wear many hats and depending on what time of day it is, I'm limping my way through.  I love to garden, quilt, stitch, design... so I made a quilt square that has it all. I like to think I'm good at it all.... whaaaaa haaaaa haaaaaa. Like I said there are days I'm limping my way through the day, my garden has weeds, I have UFO's, not all of my sketchings make it beyond the first stages of creation, but I find happiness in doing it all. I am blessed to be surrounded by my family and friends who chuckle to see me thru each day with a smile. So super power? Not sure if I have one, but I find much inspiration in all the little things that surround me as I limp through my day and I am fueled by the love of my family and friends. (and a little coffee too...)

I used variegated DMC floss and fabric from Marcus Brothers.

Thank you Mdm Samm and Pauline for hosting this fun hop. I get to share today with these super talented ladies! I hope that you have fun hopping around and get a chance to visit them all.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Prize Announcement for April's Block

BOM 2014
 It's been enjoyable to see a sky full of Sparkling Stars this month. I love how each Sparkling Star row is a little different. April's block can still be found for free on Craftsy and also HERE. There's still time to download your free pattern and sew along with us this month. The prize this month has been donated to us by Colonial Needle. They are donating a Turn Sharp Rotary Blade Sharpener. You can view a video on how it's used HERE. It looks like a wonderful tool to have on hand! I have been so tempted to open the box and try it out. It looks super easy to use.  All you have to do to win, is post a picture of your block in the flickr group for Quilt Doodle BOM 2014, or blog about the block of the month. If you blog about the BOM, make sure to email me a link so that I can check it out and pin it to my BOM group on Pinterest. 
Click Here to see a larger photo
The Turn Sharp Rotary Blade Sharpener is effortless, ergonomic, and economical. Comfort-grip knob locks a rotary blade in place for easy turning and perfect sharpening every time. Includes a FREE 45mm Rotary Blade Sharpener. May also be used with the 28mm and 60mm Sharpeners. Blades not included.

I will announce a winner May 1st when the new block comes out. So here are just some of this month's wonderful Sparkling Star strips that have been posted so far. There are so many awesome blocks in the flickr group.  Everyone has done such a wonderful job so far! It's fun to see the blocks and strips together. Our quilts are slowly taking shape.

Happy quilting,

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bunnies and Chickies!

Happy Easter! I know I'm a week early but it's a week of celebrating Easter with my family and friends! The celebration starts today at mom's with Easter dinner. I'm bringing all sorts of treats, I was a busy, busy in the kitchen yesterday. I made sugar cookies, Jello jiggler eggs, Grandma Eva's mashed potatoes and this morning I got up at five and made dinner rolls. The house smells so good! So today I have some Easter fun to share....

Sugar Cookies

2/3 cups shortening
3/4 cup sugar
1 egg
1/4 tsp almond extract
3/4 tsp vanilla
2 cups flour
1/4 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
4 tsp milk

Beat shortening and sugar together until light and fluffy. Add egg; beat. Add vanilla and almond extract. Mix thoroughly. Stir flour, baking powder and salt and milk into sugar-shortening mixture. Chill dough 1 hour. Roll out and cut out cookies. Bake at 375 degrees on greased baking sheet 8-10 minutes. When cool, frost and decorate with your favorite frosting.

I made a batch of baby chicks....

and a batch of bunnies... I cut mini marshmallows
in half to make the ears.

Doesn't it look festive! A plate of sweets paired up with my chickiemug rug.

I spent yesterday decorating the house too. I couldn't decide how I wanted to use my bunny mug rug, with a bunny dish...

...or paired with an egg holder and some chocolate carrots.(The pattern is available as a PDF on Etsy and Craftsy)

My sis, Gena, passed this plate to me at our Chili Cook off filled with
Scotch a roo's...

I'm passing it on to one of my sisters filled with Easter treats.
I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. On Thrusday I get to join a group of friends and see 'Godspell' and then celebrate Easter again on Saturday with my husband's side. I'm planning on making more chickie and bunny cookies.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's Your Superpower Start Tomorrow!




I love blog hops, it's such a fun way to see different projects. Well, I've signed up for another one. I'm still not really sure what my super power will be. I'm always running by the seat of my pants and finishing up my project usually the night before posting! It's always a miracle to me that I make the deadlines! I'm looking forward to hopping around and seeing everyone's projects. Of coarse I run the risk of loosing an entire morning or evening to the internet. 

Happy quilting,

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bunnies, Bunnies, Everywhere....

Well, you can't have Easter without some cute bunnies. So I made up a really cute bunny mug rug for you. This pattern is super quick and easy. I whipped these up last weekend, the same time I was making my little chickens.
I like to use the embroidery stitches on my machine to make the
bunny's eyes and whiskers.

I made up a few in different colors, using fabric from
my fabric stash.
This fun pattern can be found on Etsy and Craftsy as instant downloadable PDF's. There's still time to whip a couple of these up for Easter! Pair it with a cute mug, candle or bag of candy and you have an adorable hostess gift!

Happy quilting,

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Little Chickies....

I love little chickens, I think they are so cute! Spring is here finally and little baby chicks remind me of springtime. Easter is around the corner too! So in celebration of spring I have a new applique mug rug to show you all. And since it is applique I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you all how to do fusible applique. It's quick and easy!

Trace your pieces onto the heat n bond. Make sure to draw on the paper side.
Iron onto the wrong side of the fabric.
Cut out your pieces and then lay onto your fabric. Peel the paper off. Make sure you
have the pieces placed just right before you iron it. Remember your picture will be
'mirror' image of what you traced.
Layer the front, batting and backing and pin well.
I like to use my blanket stitch on my machine to sew around
the pieces. You can also handstitch these if you would like.

Aren't the little chickies cute!!!
The pattern for these cute little chickens can be found on Etsy and Craftsy.  The colors can be switched up to look like a little baby bluebird or robin. They are quick and easy to make in an afternoon and Easter is right around the corner. Paired with a candle or some candy and you have a wonderful springtime gift. 

Happy quilting,

Monday, March 31, 2014

Flags on a Stick

I have been so impressed with all of the wonderful flags so far. (Thank you Mdm Samm and Thearica for hosting this wonderful hop) All of the flags are so unique and fun! I would love to wave any on them at my home! I thought about what type of flag I would like to make. It was difficult to come up with what to do. But one morning, I'm talking two o'clock in the morning I came up with an idea! I will make a Halloween flag because I love Halloween. I know it's certainly not the right time of year, but oh well, when an idea hits you in the middle of the night, I have to run with it. So here is my flag on a stick.

I decided to use my witch paper piecing pattern for the main design.
This pattern can be found
free on my website and also on Craftsy.

I added some borders and rick rack. Prairie Points finish off the bottom edge.
I worked on this project while on a mini quilt retreat at mom's house. I'm holding
my finished flag on a dowel. It'll look really cute hanging on the flag stand at home.

The finished measurements are 12" x 18", perfect for
my garden flag holder at home.
I would not have thought to make a garden flag before. I am looking forward to putting this out for Halloween next year. After making this flag, it would be fun to make several for throughout the year. I was please with how quickly this project went together. Seeing everyone's projects has inspired me! Have fun hopping around.

I get to share today with all of these talented quilters;