Tuesday, November 24, 2015

BOM 2016 ~A Sneak Peek~

I'm really excited about the BOM that I am putting together for 2016. I've decided not to keep it a secret like in past years. This will make it easier for you to pick out fabrics. You can make it scrappy and use your stash or go out and buy some fun fabrics for this quilt. Maybe Santa will stuff some pretty fat quarters in your sock that you can use for this quilt. I will post a supply list the beginning of December so you can start planning and gathering fabric. We will work on a block or section each month. Like in past years the section will be free for the month it is presented, then after that it will be available for a small fee. A piece of the pattern will be available each month available on my website, or thru Craftsy. After that you will be able to find the monthly pattern sets available in my Etsy and Craftsy stores. A complete pattern set will be available for those of you who are not able to wait each month (for a price~the complete pattern set will not be free). This quilt will be embellished with buttons and yo-yo's. I'm planning on putting together a button pack from Hillcreek Designs. That will be available mid 2016. See all those dots in my mock up.... it's either a button or a yo-yo!

There's also a handy dandy grab-able button to post on your blog to help me promote and get the word out about this fun Christmas BOM that starts in January 2016.  Please help to spread the word!
 Happy Quilting!
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Monday, November 23, 2015


Congratulations Kathy Felsted Usher!
Kathy will receive their magazine directly from Quiltmaker. Congratulations!!!

Congratulations Betsy!

Betsy has won a set of three Christmas Patterns and a set of fat quarters from Connecting Threads!
For more patterns from Quilt Doodle Designs check out my website;
(15% off with coupon code 100blocks in my Etsy Shop)
I also have a limited supply of signed Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Vol.12
 for sale in my Etsy Shop.
Thank you again for stopping by! I also want to thank everyone who stopped by during the blog tour, I read everyone's sweet comments and I loved hearing from you all.
 I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Quilting!

Friday, November 20, 2015

100 Blocks! Volume 12 Blog Tour

First let me say Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Also, Thank you Quiltmaker for hosting such a wonderful Blog Tour. I'm loving the 100 Blocks Blog Tour. I am so thrilled and honored to be included!  Let me show you my sweet block, Peppermint Santa... I love Christmas and the whole holiday season so I drew up this whimsical Santa. I also enjoy embellishing designs with buttons and yo-yo's so I just had to include my favorite finishing touches on this block too. 
(Peppermint Santa can be found on page 11.)

Peppermint Santa
Let me show you how I used the block for a couple of delightful Christmas gift ideas. A picture of these finished projects can also be found featured in the Designer Gallery in Quiltmakers 100 blocks Vol. 12, on page 78.

I started out by tracing and cutting out four sets of the design pieces of the Peppermint Santa.
This is enough for my two projects.

To make a jolly table runner, I ironed on three sets of 'santas' on a 10 1/2" x 30 1/2"
cream rectangle fabric background...

For a cute wall hanging or mini quilt, I ironed one Santa onto a 12 1/2" green block.
Then I machined appliqued around all of the pieces using a buttonhole stitch.

To add some extra cuteness, I machine embroidered
'Ho Ho Ho' using a curly font. (Totally optional)

Then I added borders onto each background piece. To finish up your Peppermint Santa projects, layer backing, batting and the 'top' and quilt as desired. 

I used a red and white stripe fabric for the binding on my table runner. Oh it's sooooo cute!
The striped fabric also made adorable yo-yos that look like peppermint candy! The Santas are embellished with red yo-yo noses. Buttons are used for the holly berries. 

Have fun with this block, use traditional colors (red and green) or mix it up and use you imagination! A green and white striped hat would be cute. How about turquoise and red, hot pink and white... the possibilities are endless...

I am also jumping around screaming because my
sweet Peppermint Santa made the cover. Oh my goodness! I'm a cover girl!
What a fun, awesome, wonderful surprise and honor!
Want a chance to win a copy from Quiltmaker? Just leave me a sweet comment for a chance to win. (Make sure to leave me an email so that you can be contacted if you win!) Winner will receive their magazine directly from Quiltmaker.
 I am also having a little giveaway! I'm giving away a set of three Christmas Patterns and a set of fat quarters from Connecting Threads to one lucky winner!
Remember to just leave a sweet comment for a chance to win. If you want extra chances to win, follow me too, and leave a comment that you do.
 I will announce a winner on Monday, November 23rd.

For more patterns from Quilt Doodle Designs check out my website;
(15% off with coupon code 100blocks in my Etsy Shop)
I also have a limited supply of signed Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Vol.12
 for sale in my Etsy Shop.
Thank you again for stopping by!
Happy Quilting!

Monday, November 16, 2015

November's Prize!

It has been a busy month so far. I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week! Then it's the beginning of what I call the silly season. I will be busy scrambling  to get things done, I'm sure I won't be alone. I'm also amazed that we are getting to the end of this year's BOM. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone's progress over this last year and I am looking forward to seeing your completed quilts! I'm starting to see some of your quilts take shape in the flickr group. Loving the different color combinations.

This month's prize is a copy of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Vol. 12 magazine. I'm pretty thrilled about it, I've been published!
This month's winner will win a copy of Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, Vol. 12

 To enter to win  you need to post this month's finished blocks to the Quilt Doodle BOM flickr group.  You can post the current November block, or pictures of past blocks if you are playing catch up. You can also post pictures if you are working on the square in a square blocks that surround each month's blocks. The directions can be found on Craftsy and also my website for free. (Links are below)

This month's pattern is available for FREE HERE! and also HERE

If you missed any of the blocks they can be found in my Etsy store for a small fee.
A printable supply list can be found HERE!

Cutting instructions and quilt construction for the quilt can be found HERE!

December 1st I will announce the winner for the November giveaway!  I hope that you are having fun with this quilt. There will be a blog hop in January to show off our quilts. (They don't have to be quilted to show them off)
Let's have some quilty fun!
Happy quilting,


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks!

I'm so excited to have a block in this issue of 100 Blocks! My day on the blog tour is the 20th. So mark your calendar and check out all of the great blocks in this issue! The blog hop is November 16th thru the 20th. So much quilty fun.
Happy Quilting,

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Double Binding Edge, So Cool!

I discovered a fun way to bind a quilt which is totally new to me! I'm amazed that I haven't discovered this method sooner. I can't take credit for coming up with the idea, there are several tutorials out there describing the same or similar process... but I want to share this wonderful technique with you. It's a nifty way to bind a quilt and it finishes the edge off so nicely and it's all MACHINE DONE! (SCORE!!!-HAPPY DANCE....) As you may have all heard me whine before, I hate hand binding a quilt. Well maybe hate is too strong a word, but it's not my favorite part of finishing a quilt.

For this binding method you will need two 'colors' a main binding color and an accent color.
Here are the two fabrics I'm using for this quilt. Measure your quilt edge to bind and add another 12" or so ... Then cut enough strips from your main color to piece together a binding strip long enough to go around your quilt. You will cut your strips 1 1/2" x wof (44-45")

Then cut enough strips for your accent color. These strips will be 1 3/4" x wof.

Sew the strips together end to end using a mitered seam to reduce bulk.

Sew your main color strip and your accent color strip together
long sides together using a 1/4" seam.

Iron your seam to go towards the 'main' fabric.

Then iron lengthwise with wrong sides together to make
your binding. See it makes a narrow decorative edge. Looks like piping!
So cool!

Sew the binding onto the back side of you quilt with your 'accent' color facing up using a 1/4" seam. The decorative piping edge is facing down on your quilt. Miter the corners like in my Machine Binding 101 Quilt Tutorial. Sewing your binding on is the same process as 'usual' at this point.

Here's where the magic happens.... Wrap the binding around to the front side of your quilt and stitch in the ditch between the main fabric and accent fabric. I used an 'invisible' thread to sew my binding on. You can also use a thread that matches your fabric. Miter the corners matching up the 'piping' seam. Sew all away around your quilt.

Doesn't it look like piping? I love how this finishes off the quilt edge.
Makes it special... to make a wider accent on the quilt binding you could add 1/4" to the width of the accent strip when cutting your strips out for the binding.

It also looks fabulous from the back!
'Summer Breeze'
Here's my finished quilt... I'm very pleased with it.
The Summer Breeze pattern is available in my Etsy shop as an instand PDF download.

Happy quilting,

Sunday, November 1, 2015

November's Block, BOM 2015

Fall is here and so is the final block for the 2015 Quilt Doodle BOM quilt. November is here and so begins the holidays. And all family holidays lead to home. Home sweet home is where we all go to gather for giving thanks. I look forward to Thanksgiving and spending it at my sister's home this year. It will be a wonderful gathering of family and friends, good conversation, a few games of bingo and tons of wonderful food. Then I get to spend a couple of days at my mom's, shopping and baking and getting ready for the holidays!

This month's block is a fun block to put together. Feel free to make the house any color you would like. I made my house pink just because it went along with my overall girlie color scheme of my quilt.  So a pink house made me smile.... why not! John Mellencamp sings about 'Pink Houses'.

"Oh but ain't that America, for you and me
Ain't that America, we're something to see baby
Ain't that America, home of the free, yeah
Little pink houses for you and me, ooo, ooo yeah..."

I Hope you have fun with this block and you can make your house any color! You can even sew a couple of pumpkin buttons on and place them by the doorway, or add berries to the front bushes. That would be so very cute.

This month's pattern is available for FREE HERE! and also HERE

A printable supply list can be found HERE!

Once you are done with your blocks you can begin putting your quilt together. Cutting instructions and quilt construction for the quilt can be found HERE! If you downloaded this right away in the beginning.... please download it again.... I found a small boo-boo that could be a big boo-boo if you don't catch it! (I did not catch it and I was not a happy quilter....)

There's a flicker group!  Please join...Every month post photos of your Quilt Doodle BOM finishes in the BOM flicker group for a chance to win that month's prize! I'm looking forward to seeing all of the different November blocks!

If you want to be added to the email reminder list for the 2016 BOM... send me your email. There is a tab on top of the blog and the quilt is not a mystery. You can see the full layout and start gathering fabrics if you would like. I will be releasing a supply list shortly.

Info of the BOM 2015 Blog Hop will be posted on December 1st!  The winner for the November block will be announced on December 1st also. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's blocks! Now onto our winner...

Congratulations Tell Tale Threads!!!

You have won a layer cake from Hoffman Fabrics.
Please email me your address so that I can get this out in the mail.
Happy quilting,

Don't forget to grab the button too and post on your blog! The more the merrier! The code for the button can be found below.

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