Saturday, December 20, 2014


I love lefsa! It's one of those treats that we only have around the holidays (although I have been known to buy it in the grocery store other times during the year because I love it so). Growing up, lefsa was always part of our Christmas celebration, usually made by a great-auntie or neighbor and given as a gift. Unfortunately our lefsa making great-aunties and neighbors are gone. Which is normal  as families grow older and change. The last time my mom, sisters and I made lefsa was in 1993. I remember it was very good but I don't remember us being able to make enough to share or bring home. I know our kids were young and I would like to think that it's they ate it as quick as we could make it, but I'm sure that's not the case. I do remember us having a few bumbles making it that year. Like pre-rolling our lefsa. Seems like it would be a great idea. With lefsa.... not so much. It sticks.... We were using my Aunt Christine's recipe which is a wonderful recipe. But our wonderful great Auntie and grandma failed to tell us there are secrets tips to making good lefsa. You need to make the mashed potatoes a day ahead since they need to chill. The dough must be COLD. We kept our dough in the fridge between rolling this year. A rolling pin sock works miracles. It is also helpful to have a lefsa rolling mat. Flour..... lots of flour..... your kitchen may look like a small snowstorm blew thru, but it's totally worth it! This year we tried making lefsa again, and was a great success! We are now the Aunties and grandma who will make lefsa for the holidays. My Norwegian grandma Gena would be so proud.

Grandma Gena's original recipe....

A rolling mat and rolling pin socks are a must!
Roll it out super thin.... 
Cooking it on mom's lefsa griddle at 400 degrees...
Yum! We have Lefsa for Christmas Eve!

Homemade lefsa makes a wonderful gift packed in a pretty box. To make it even extra special, add a 'Garden Gnome' tea towel, it's a cute design for the holiday season! Your family and friends with love it.

Happy Holidays,

Monday, December 15, 2014

Nutter Butter Santas

I'm always looking for fun cookies that just need assembling.  I've had this picture from Pinterest for two years for these adorable little santas made out of Nutter Butters. Last year I wanted to make them and when I went to the store to buy my cookie making supplies, I found that there wasn't a package of Nutter Butters to be found! Not one package, not even any generic ones! No Nutter Butter Santas. I pouted like a Cindy Lou Who. I really love Nutter Butters. So when I found Nutter Butters this year I was thrilled. (Beyond thrilled, imagine a middle aged woman doing the happy dance hugging her bag of Nutter Butters in the cookie isle at Erdman's Grocery Store.) This was a fun cookie to make. It's also something that can easily be made with some little ones help.

Santa is sure to love these cookies when he finds them waiting by his glass of milk Christmas Eve. 

Happy Holidays,

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Peanut Butter Yo-yo's

This has been a Christmas favorite since my college days. I have loved these cookies since my friend, Dwight, gave me a plate of these for Christmas. I begged him for his mom's recipe and he laughed that there's no recipe, she just makes them. They are super good and easy to make. My boys used to help me make them when they were little and Christmas isn't complete without these yummy yo-yo's. All you need is a box of Ritz crackers, peanut butter and almond bark. I like to use the vanilla bark when I make them.

Homemade Peanut Butter Yo-yo Cookies  make a wonderful gift packed in a pretty box.
(That's if they don't disappear before you get them packaged.)

Happy Holidays,

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dasher Tea Towel

16 days until Christmas, oh my goodness, I have lots to do and not a ton of time to do it in. It's time to start whipping up some, can get it done in an evening projects. Well, I thought I would show you a quick and easy adaptation to one of my mug rug patterns. I love my new  'Dasher' pattern. (It's currently available as a PDF instant download on ETSY and Craftsy.) I thought it would make a cute tea towel too. So here's how I put the applique design onto a brightly colored tea towel.....
I traced the pieces out as you would normally for the mug rug
and then ironed them onto the tea towel, leaving a large space from the bottom, but
placing the deer to the edge of the towel...

I did a blanket stitch all around Dasher, leaving the bottom
edge alone.

I then took a 2 1/2" strip of coordinating fabric that is the width of the towel,
I folded it in half lengthwise, wrong sides together and ironed it,
I then lined it up along the bottom edge of the
deer, raw edge towards the bottom of the towel. I then sewed a 1/4" seam.
Then folded the 'binding' over and ironed it in place. This hides the raw seam on the
bottom edge of the deer and the decorative binding.
I then sewed a blanket stitch on each side of the binding strip.
Here is the finished towel. It was fun using the bright green buttons.
See how the edge of the deer lines up with the edge of the towel?
Any of my Quilt Doodle mug rug patterns could be adapted and used on a tea towel, these designs would also be cute sewn onto a purchased placemat too. 

Happy quilting!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Even the Grinch Would Love These!

Every year I look for a new cookie to make and I found this wonderful easy recipe. I love anything Grinch, and when I found this recipe, I knew I had to give them a try. I love that they are bright Grinch green! Need to whip up some festive cookies quick, these are perfect. If you have a white cake mix, some food coloring and eggs you're set to bake these. Even the Grinch would love them!

I made a double batch of these using my Kitchen Aid mixer.
Love the Grinch green!
Using a small cookie scoop I plunked the grinchie
green cookie dough into the powdered sugar, corn starch  mixture.
I packaged my Grinch Crinkle Cookies up in
pretty red boxes. They have a great vanilla flavor.
So yummy with a glass of milk.

Homemade Crinkle Grinch Cookies  make a wonderful gift packed in a pretty box.
Another cute idea is to  pair it with a Grinch mug rug! This would be an adorable gift for
teachers, friends, anyone who loves the Grinch

Happy Holidays,

Monday, December 1, 2014

Peanut Butter Cups!

I haven't made peanut butter cups in years. I have forgotten how easy they are to make! I whipped up a batch when I got home from work today. Another awesome thing about this recipe is chances are really good that you already have the ingredients in your pantry. I also love how creamy the peanut butter center is compared with that popular candy that's in the orange wrapper at the grocery store.... I really prefer the homemade ones. 

Homemade candy makes a wonderful gift packed in a pretty box.
Your family and friends with love these creamy sweets.

Happy Holidays,

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Oh it's my favorite time of year! It's time to bake Santa's cookies! I would like to take the next couple weeks and share with you some of my families favorites. I have discovered some new ones too that are sure to become family favs.

Every year I make caramel. Two huge batches of caramel. Throughout this last year I have seen a recipe for microwave caramel which cuts the whole cooking time down to nothing! This can't possibly work.... microwave caramel..... way!  But the thought of not standing over a hot stove for hours stirring drew me in. So I made 6 batches of this yesterday, which equals about 3 batches of my usual recipe. It is a wonderful recipe and it didn't scorch!

Every microwave is a little different when it comes to wattage.
My mom's microwave required about 10 minutes of cooking time. You may
have to play with the time a little bit.
Your caramel mixture will turn a 'golden' color when it's ready.

Caramel cuts beautifully when you use a pizza cutter to cut it!
This is a dangerous stage in the whole caramel process.
Be prepared to try out several pieces. Especially the odd
or too small to wrap bits..... this is soooooooo good!
I like to wrap my caramel in pretty wax papers.
Homemade caramel makes a wonderful gift packed in a pretty box. Another cute idea is to 
fill a coffee mug up with caramel and pair it with a cute holiday mug rug! Your family and friends with love this holiday candy.

Happy Holidays,