Saturday, August 29, 2015

Soldiers Ladies Aid Society

I really like the color combination of this block. I worked on this block during quilt retreat and it seems I had troubles with this one even though I tried to take extra steps to get the fabric in the right areas. My first boo-boo was a 'happy' mistake.... I switched the light and dark on the center star block. I liked the results and left it. It looks like a sweet little sunflower. Happy mistake, I'm gonna leave it. But not all mistakes are happy..... check out the outer border on my 'Soldiers Ladies Aid Society' block.....  there's a triangle of red where it's supposed to be black. Arrrrrrg! I haven't corrected it yet.... I am not looking forward to taking out the teeny tiny stitches in the seams... I will fix it. Just not today... I'm going to go and cry in my coffee and get ready for a super busy weekend...

Love this color combo.... 
My favorite part of this block, my star looks like a sunflower.
So cute!

'Soldiers Ladies Aid Society'
June 7, 1861
Have a wonderful week!  Remember to post your progress on the Civil War Diary Quilt Group on Flickr.

I will be working on 'Bidding Goodbye' out of Rosemary's book next. Hope that you have a great weekend! Tonight is my 35th class reunion, geez where did the time go! It'll be fun to go since the last one I went to was my 10th. Then on Sunday I get to spend the day at the state fair. Love the fair! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

Happy quilting and perfect stitches to you!
Check out Rosemary's website.  Her books and Cd's can be ordered there too!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Still Shop Hopping!

If you have been following along you know that I went shop hopping a few weeks ago with my two favorite quilting buddies. My mom and sister! We went to eight shops in two days, doesn't sound like that many, but when you add in the distance, road construction etc.... it's quite a feat! I honestly don't know how people complete the entire state during shop hop. I know they do! I see the pictures of the weary, bleary eyed couples that manage to visit each and every shop posted on Facebook. I'm an exhausted mess after doing just one section! Here are some more pictures from our fun travels....

Our next stop was All In Stitches in the town of Zumbrota.
My husband's family's neck of the woods. It's a shame I only make it 
to this shop once a year, usually during shop hop. It's a great shop!

I am very fond of their row by row pattern. It has an embroidery design
of the Zumbrota covered bridge. I am looking forward to making this as a table runner.
I want to make it using red and white fabrics and doing the embroidery in a red thread. It would be lovely done in blue and white too. Won't that be sooooo cute! I promise to blog about it when I get around to making it. 
It was afternoon by the time we reached Zumbrota! We couldn't believe how the time flew by! We started our Shop Hopping at 9:00. After a quick lunch at McDonald's we continued on our journey and made our way to the next stop....Rather Bee Quilting in Lake City, Minnesota.

A couple of planters full of geraniums greet us
by the entryway... very pretty.
Very nice window display...
Yea! Another row by row pattern too!
Isn't this an adorable summertime design for the Row by Row!
One of my favorites! 
Love, love, love the purple polka dot swimsuit with the ruffle...
It's the polka dot fabric and embellishments that make this row by row block so cute.
 Five shops visited, three more to go! I'm car weary.... We're an hour away from the next shop and not sure if we will make it by five. My sis is on the phone, hurrah! They are open until 5:30pm. we're going to make it there in time before they close!  So we are off, driving the curvy roads of bluff country in Minnesota. It's a very pretty drive... on our way to Bluffview Quilt Shop in Winona, Minnesota.
The is the roadside view of Bluffview Quilt Shop.
A beautiful, colorful wall of fabric... so pretty!
This is their Minnesota quilt using this year's fabric.
I like the corner blocks.
The one item I wish I would have picked up during shop hop but didn't was Bluffview Quilt Shop's kit for their row by row. I love the googly eyes they used on their row of fish. In the strip that was on display at the shop, the fish were going all the same direction. The batiks they used were wonderful, I wish I would have taken a photo. (The above photo is from their facebook page)

We ended our day at the Hubbell House in Mantorville. Had a small August birthday celebration for dessert. Happy Birthday mom and Laura!!!

Happy Quilting,

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Quilting By The Hearth

I still have a ton of pictures to share from our shop hopping we did a few weekends ago.Stop number three on our Minnesota Shop Hop was a sweet shop, Quilting By The Hearth. Ok, I've said this a few times, but another of my favorite shops. Love the cute rooms and how everything's displayed, awesome staff. I visit it shop a few times a year.  I took a ton of pictures here... couldn't get mom and Laura to do another selfie with me. I reached their limit of one..... lol.....
Love the sweet wicker chair out front....
Cute Christmas display in the front window...
Even though they are in the middle of some renovations...
The room is still so stinkin cute. Love the colors and the fabrics.
The shop is full of wonderful fabrics and samples. See the adorable moose birdhouse.

So worth the drive to Lonsdale!
Here is one of their beautiful Minnesota Quilts
that they had on display.
This sweet coneflower quilt was on display
in the back room. So cute, my picture doesn't do it justice.
My pictures really don't do this shop justice, so much fabric, cute patterns and awesome staff. This shop is a great place to stop at. If you live in Minnesota, or plan on being in the area, grab some quilting girlfriends and make a day of it and stop by this sweet shop. Not only do they have beautiful fabric, but there are also awesome wood items available too. Beautiful birdhouses and these awesome 'wine' tables. I really regret not picking up the wine table/stand. It was so cute.... it held a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. Perfect to have sitting out on the deck or next to a camp fire at the lake. 

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

LOVE Shop Hopping!

A few weeks ago I had tons of fun shop hopping with my mom and sister, Laura. AKA, the Fuzzy Hat Quilter.  The day before our annual quilt retreat we decided to do some shop hopping during the Minnesota Shop Hop. It took us two days to cover the SE corner of Minnesota. Tons of driving..... beautiful scenery, road contruction, lots of laughter.  I took some pictures of the fun shops we visited that I would like to share...
I did a little pre shop hopping the day before and snuck over to Bear Patch Quilting
in White Bear Lake. It's one of my favorite shops!
Loved the Minnesota quilt they had on display... very striking.
The sun coming thru the window was not my friend... but the banner
was adorable! Loved the front window displays.
Found my sis waiting all packed up on her front porch!
The 'Quilt Retreat or Bust' sign was a hoot!
We went to Calico Hutch in Hayward Minnesota first. It was worth the
drive. Such a cute shop...
Laura, Mom and I.  A quick selfie in front of the shop.
Calico Hutch's display was very cute.
They used a five yard quilt pattern which is
mom's ultimate favorite pattern! I bought five yards
of the Minnesota fabric while up north and I think I will use this
pattern to make my Minnesota quilt.
After driving thru some road construction (a lot of road construction)
We found
Quilter's Dream Quilt Shop in Montgomery Minnesota.
I had a totally light bulb moment when I saw this Row by Row quilt on display. I then realized the Row by Row Experience was also going on. From this point on we were collecting Row by Row block directions from each shop and Minnesota fabric.... so much quilty fun! I have more to share from my fun weekend I shared with my sister and mom. Stayed tuned!
Have a wonderful Sunday!
Happy quilting,

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Nobel Third

Another block done on my Civil War Quilt. This one is called 'The Noble Third'. Rebecca Loraine Richmond was very active in the Ladies Aid Society. Many of her diary entries describes in great detail about the ceremonies and the parades that were held for the Third Regiment.

I chose fabrics that were very close to what Rosemary used in her book. I'm finding my huge Civil War stash to be shy of the right kinds of blues and reds that are needed for some of these blocks. I'm trying really hard not to purchase anymore Civil War style fabric until I'm done with this project. (if you saw my bin of Civil War fabric, you would totally understand...)

'The Nobel Third'
June 3, 1861

Have a wonderful week!  Remember to post your progress on the Civil War Diary Quilt Group on Flickr.

I will be working on 'Soldiers Ladies Aid Society' out of Rosemary's book next. Hope that you have a great weekend! The Minnesota State Fair starts next week! I can't wait to go... I love seeing the quilts that are on display. I'm also looking forward to some cheese curds and sharing some fun with my family!

Happy quilting and perfect stitches to you!
Check out Rosemary's website.  Her books and Cd's can be ordered there too!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

August's Giveaway!!!

Hot days of summer are here....
Oh my gosh, I have been melting here in Minnesota.... melting, melting, melting.... cooler weather is forecasted this week, I can't wait. I've had enough of the 90's and the humidity! Of coarse it's perfect flip flop weather...
It's good weather to stay inside with the air conditioning and spend some time sewing. I plan on spending my day in the studio today. Watch some netflix, drink some peach ginger tea and sew... sounds like the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday doesn't it.

 To inspire you all to get your blocks done I have an awesome prize... So this month's prize is an awesome gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop! Love them! Thank you Kimberly and Danier!

 To enter to win the gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop, you need to post this month's finished blocks to the Quilt Doodle BOM flickr group.  You can post the current August blocks, or pictures of past blocks if you are playing catch up. You can also post pictures if you are working on the square in a square blocks that surround each month's blocks. The directions can be found on Craftsy and also my website for free. (Links are below)

This month's pattern is available for FREE HERE! and also HERE
If you missed any of the blocks they can be found in my Etsy store for a small fee.
A printable supply list can be found HERE!

Cutting instructions and quilt construction for the quilt can be found HERE!

If you want to be added to the email reminder list... send me your email.

The next block pattern will be posted on September 1st!  The winner for the August's block will be announced on September 1st also. I am loving the flip flops so far!  Here's just a couple...

Let's have some quilty fun!
Happy quilting,

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ice Cream!

Wilson and I will be going to McDonald's for vanilla ice cream cones today in celebration of our 6th Anniversary. It's been such a fun journey so far. I've learned a lot, met so many wonderful quilters so far. It's been a very exciting year with several really awesome opportunities. My patterns are now available thru Connecting Threads (I love their fabric and thread), quilt shops can now find my patterns thru a couple of new distributors, and shhhh there's a magazine that will be publishing a block of mine. (Announcement coming soon.) It's been a super busy year and I have lots of people to thank! Thank you Lynn and Laura for folding, stuffing and always being willing to help. Thank you Colleen and mom, you are my cheerleaders! And thank you, my quilty followers for your sweet comments and taking the time to work on my quilty designs. I am certainly looking forward to all that is to come! I once again vow to continue to design and share with you as long as I can hold a pencil and work with needle and thread. Wilson and I celebrating today with vanilla ice cream cones and pass some savings onto you, our wonderful quilty friends. 25% off with coupon code CAKE4, in my ETSY shop only.

Happy Quilting,