Saturday, April 6, 2024

A Quick Appliqued Apron

 Someday I hope to have some chickens, I want to be the crazy Ol lady with the hound dogs and chickens that loves to quilt. Sounds like a great retirement, doesn't it? I think it does. In the meantime, I need to be happy with visiting my sister and sister in laws chickens and live vicariously thru them. I can also make cute chicken projects.... today I wanted to show you a quick apron project. The big cheat is to run to Hobby Lobby and pick up an apron that doesn't have any design on it because you are going to applique your own design using some fabric scraps from your stash. 

I went thru my fabrics and found some perfect colors for my hen and chicks. I traced the pieces onto the paper side of my fusible web for applique. I like to use Flexifuse because it doesn't gum up my needle on my machine.

Here's the apron I found at Hobby Lobby; I'll give it a good press to get the wrinkles out.

 I then cut out the shapes and pair them with the fabrics.

Press the shapes onto the back side of your fabric.

Then cut all the shapes out and lay them onto your project following the placement sheet or pattern photo. I'm centering the design on the front of the apron above the pocket. Press the design in place following the manufacturer's directions.

I traced a third chick and have placed it on the lower corner of the apron as a cute little added detail.

Using my sewing machine, I applique around the edge using a dark brown thread.

The final touch is to embroider eyes onto the Mama Hen and Chicks. I'm using a double strand of pearl cotton.

~ Hen and Chicks Apron ~

This pattern can be found in my Etsy Shop and also on the Website as a PDF download. It's a fun design for all year round. I bet you even have fabric scraps that would work for this sweet design. I was also thinking, you could make these birds bright and colorful too! Let your imagination go and have some fun! I made mine white to look like a Plymouth Rock, but you can switch up the colors to look like your favorite mama chicken. 

Have a wonderful day!
Cindy & Josephine

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