BOM 2018

Welcome to the Quilt Doodle BOM blog page. This page is a reference for you. I will post updates and links to all of the blocks each month on this page. So let's have Snow Much Fun and start sewing!!!

If you want to go raid your stash or run to the fabric store to gather your fabrics... then here is what you're going to need.....
2 yards Green- border and cornerstone blocks
1 1/2 yards red- sashing
1 1/2 yards cream- block backgrounds
9 fat quarters in the following colors- black, rust, brown, medium green, gold/yellow, medium gold, medium blue, dark blue and dark gray (These colors are used for the quilt blocks. Any left over fabric is used for the applique)
1 fat quarter white/cream
1 fat quarter light blue

This quilt would also be pretty done all in blues too.... or reds.... have fun with it!

Quilt Layout
January's Block
Bird Watching Snowmen

Quilt Doodle Doodles...: Let's Begin the 2018 BOM!: January is finally here! Happy New year everyone! I am looking forward to showing you the first block to kick off the beginning of this y...
February's Block
Ice Skating Snowman

Quilt Doodle Doodles...: Ice Skating Snowman, February's Block: Happy February everyone! I am still hibernating like a bear. Belvedere and I are not fans of the cold so we have been enjoying relaxing

March's Block
Ice Fishing Snowman

Quilt Doodle Doodles...: March's Block is Out, Let's Go Ice Fishing!: Happy March everyone! As many of you know I am a mom to two boys. They are all grown up and are typical Minnesotans. They love the outd...

April's Block
Camping Snowman

Quilt Doodle Doodles...: April's Block Snow Much Fun!: Happy April! Happy Easter! and Happy April Fool's day! So much going on today! I hope that where ever you are from, I hope it&...
 May's Block
Snowman's Best Friend

Quilt Doodle Doodles...: May's Block, Snow Much Fun!: No one is happier to welcome May than I. It sure has been a long winter here in Minnesota. I'm loving that the days are a litt…
June's Block
Skiing Snowman

Quilt Doodle Doodles...: June's Block!: Happy June! Here in Minnesota we went right from snow to 80 degree weather. We had no spring! Our weather right now feels more lik…

July's Block
Snowboarding Snowman

Quilt Doodle Doodles...: July's Block: July is here and boy is it hot!  Our air conditioner has crapped out so it is especially warm around here. I have every fan that we o...

August's Block
Let's Go Sledding

Quilt Doodle Doodles...: August's Block is Out! Snow Much Fun BOM...: Happy August everyone! It's hard to think about winter and seems like so long ago now.  I've got a super cute block to share wi…

September's Block
Nine Patch

 Quilt Doodle Doodles...: September's Block Snow Much Fun BOM: September is here, it's hard to believe. This year is just flying by! This month's block will take you no time at all to make, …

Quilt Doodle Doodles...: October is here! Let's finish our quilt top!: October is here, it sure feels like fall here in Minnesota. My trees are starting to turn and it is cooler outside. I finally broke dow...


  1. Wow, this is so cute! What a fun BOM it will be! Thank You and Happy New Year!

  2. How cute! Thank you very much for this BOM program!

  3. I am having trouble finding the snow man pattern to? download ? printout
    I know it's there and it's got to be simple right ?


  4. I love it! Thank you!! What is better in January than starting a Snowman quilt! Especially a Quilt Doodles one with your darling drawings!

    1. Thank you! I hope everyone has fun with this years BOM. It will be snow much fun!

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  6. On the instructions for the snowball blocks it says to cut your 5 1/2 in blocks in half diagonally. Should this be your 6 1/2 in blocks? I do not see any blocks cut to 5 1/2 in. on the cutting sheet.

    1. Hi Judy, Under the January Block Bird Watching Snowman directions you will be cutting 5 1/2" blocks from your dark green border fabric and cream background fabric and then sutting the 5 1/2" square in half diagonally to make a total of 16 triangles of each color. This is enough for 4 blocks that will be in the quilt. You will applique one of the snowball blocks this month and saving the other 3 snowball blocks for 'down the road'.

  7. I thought I saw somewhere that you have a tutorial to watch. If so, where can I find that?

  8. Is there some place where people can download pictures of their blocks so we can see these beautiful quilts develop? Thank you for another beautiful pattern! Cindy

  9. Really neat pattern Cindy. Glad my friend sent me the link to your blog.

  10. Thank you for this BOM! This is my first and I'm excited to start. Your designs are so stinking cute, I can't wait to see how this one evolves!

  11. Just received my kit and I am so excited to begin! What weight/brand of thread did you use for the machine blanket stitching? Do you use embroidery floss for the french knots? If so, how many strands?

  12. I am new to quilting with flannel, should the seams be pressed open or to the side?

  13. Is the second block supposed to come put today? I have been watching the blog all day! I can't wait!

  14. Happy Quilting everyone! Just a quick note... it takes a day or two for me to post on the 2018 BOM page or tab. You can always find the new block posted on the main feed on the Quilt Doodle Blog, and also find the pattern posted on the Quilt Doodle Designs website.

  15. Somehow I lost my January block. How do I purchase it?

  16. Where can I find these adorble buttons? I cannot find them anywhere not even on your website! Help!

    1. Buttons kits are available in my Etsy shop. Link can be found on the sidebar.
      Happy quilting!

  17. I love your work! Can't wait to start on this one. I have been saving the patterns each month, and this will my personal quilt. I've made several but always gave them away. I want to keep this one. :) Have a great day and again thank you for all you do for your followers. I love your blog.

  18. Finished my snowman quilt. Does not feel like winter here in Florida. Still a nice 87.
    I love the quilt. will send picture. Luanne

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