Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Santa's Journey, October's Block! Finally!

I rarely am late with the BOM posting but life happens, and I did not plan well for it. I spent last weekend at my first quilt show since Covid as a vender. My plan was getting home Sunday night and do the October posting.  Well, I got home from the show exhausted and passed out in my comfy chair. You know the comfy chair... it sort of sucked me in. Add the weight of a basset hound on your lap and it was all over. Then to add to the delay, baby girl was sick and couldn't go to daycare. Family comes first in my book, so I spent a couple of days with my favorite little girl in the world. We read books, watched Bluey and had spaghetti for lunch. All of her favorite things, grandmas too. So I'm back and playing catch up... 
Now let's talk about this month's blocks. It's the last of the trees! yeah! They are done the same as last month, same size. We'll be working on a set of 4 light green trees.  These tree blocks measure 7" x 7", this includes the seam allowance. We'll be doing a few more tree blocks and then we will move onto some fun appliques and embellishments over the next couple of months.
Make sure you head on over to and download the pattern. It's free the month of October. Gather your fabrics, try to work from your scraps from the previous blocks if you can and cut all your shapes out for the blocks. You will make 1 dark green tree block and 2 Multi dark green tree blocks. The blocks will measure 7" x 7", this includes the seam allowance.

·        Following the pattern, pair together blue B square with green F rectangle, right sides together. Sew corner to corner diagonally. Trim to a ¼” seam on one side to form a triangle on the left side of the ‘tree’.

·         Press to the dark side.

·         Pair together the blue B square on the other side of the green F rectangle, right sides together. Sew corner to corner diagonally to form the right side of the ‘tree’. Make 2 FBF rectangles for each tree.

·         Press to the dark side.

·         Sew together a CDC strip, press to the dark side.

·         Sew one A triangle with the E triangle right sides together along the diagonal edge. Repeat on the other side to form an AEA triangle rectangle for the top of the tree.

·         Following the block layout, lay out all pieced rectangle sections to form the tree block.

·         Press.

Following the block layout, lay out all of the pieces of the tree block. Follow the layout picture, stitch the block together using a scant 1/4" seam. Sew the 'rows' together using a 1/4" seam. Iron. Block should measure 8 1/2" x 8 1/2". You will make two dark green multi green blocks, and 2 light green multi green tree blocks.

~ Dark Green Small Tree ~
(make 1)

~ Multi Dark Small Tree ~
(make 2 blocks)
Finished measurements of the 2023 BOM quilt is 60" x 70"

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 Each month's pattern is a free PDF instant download. If you miss a month, the patterns are available for $2.50 on my website and also in my Etsy shop.  

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 There's also a Facebook Group, please join and post your progress! It's also fun to see everyone else progress too! Make sure to post your blocks so far! 

I have also been posting time lapse videos on my Instagram feed on how to stitch the blocks together. @quiltdoodledesigns. I hope that you all have a wonderful day and find some time to do some stitching! Next month we will do some special applique onto our quilt blocks. It's time to cute it up for the holidays!

Happy quilting,
Cindy and Josephine