Wednesday, February 1, 2023

February's Block ~ Santa's Journey

It's February! It's starting to warm up here in Minnesota after a week of below zero temperatures. Poor Josephine hates the cold weather and so do I. The cold temperatures are only tolerable if you are planning on staying home with a good book, a cozy quilt and a blazing fireplace. I envy all of the snowbirds out there that are basking in the sunshine and warm weather! I would love an above freezing day! 
 This month's block is an easy one, a little red house. The downstairs lights are on while parents are preparing for Christmas and the upstairs lights are off since the little kiddos are tucked in their beds dreaming of Christmas morning. Let me show you how I put this month's block together. 
Make sure to download a copy of the pattern for February and gather your fabric.

Following the block layout, lay out all of the pieces to the house block. Following the layout and picture on the pattern.

·         Pair together blue A square with brown B rectangle, right sides together. Sew corner to corner diagonally. Trim to a ¼” seam on one side to form a triangle on the left side of the ‘roof’. Press to the dark side. Pair together the blue C square on the other side of the brown B rectangle, right sides together. Sew corner to corner diagonally to form the right side of the roof. Press to the dark side.

 Following the layout and picture, stitch the block together using a scant ¼” seam.

I stitch the 'rows' first, and then pieced the lower window sections together. Remember to use a scant quarter inch seam. Sew the rows and window door sections together to form the block. Iron. Block should measure 8 1/2" x 8 1/2". You will make only one this month.

 Trace the wreath shape onto the paper side of a piece of fusible web. Following the manufacturer's instructions. Iron the fusible web to the wrong side of a square of green fabric. Cut the applique design out. Peel off the paper and iron onto the house block centering it above the door between the two upper windows. Using a blanket stitch and green thread, stitch around the design. I haven't gotten to stitch around the wreath yet. 

~ Red House Block ~

I'm making two versions of this quilt, one with the blue fabric background and one with the white fabric background. Also on a special note, I will be embellishing the wreath and door with buttons for the doorknob and holly berries but will hold off until the quilts are quilted. There's nothing like trying to work around buttons while quilting.

 Help spread the word and tell all your quilting friends about this fun wintery block of the month! Each month we will work on a new section of this mystery quilt. There's basic piecing, some applique and other fun embellishments. As always, the monthly directions will be free during that month and then available for a small fee after that.
Finished measurements of the 2023 BOM quilt is 60" x 70"

Grab the button and link it to the Quilt Doodle Blog and help spread the word! 

I will be doing two versions of this quilt as we sew along. The blue version and then a white one. It will be the same pattern just a different background. Make sure to download the PDF directions on the website. Grab your fabric and start sewing!

 Each month's pattern is a free PDF instant download. If you miss a month, the patterns are available for $2.50 on my website and also in my Etsy shop.  

If you don't have a printer, you can purchase a PRINTED copy of the monthly patterns.

 There's also a Facebook Group, please join and post your progress! It's also fun to see everyone else progress too! Make sure to post your blocks so far! 

I hope that you all have a wonderful day and find some time to do some stitching! I'm planning a few days watching my little sweetie. I plan on having some hand stitching with for when she naps. 

Happy quilting,
Cindy and Josephine


  1. Great block, I'll enjoy making it. Thanks for the free BOM again. =)

  2. Thank you! I picked out my fabric. Looking forward to piecing this block.