Saturday, May 21, 2022

Spring Sampler ~ Borders!


Welcome back! This week we will work on the borders on the Season Sampler. There are 3 plain borders and two pieced borders. You're on the homestretch on this quilt! You're going to love it when it's done. It's so much fun to switch out quilts for the changing seasons. I like to hang and drape seasonal quilts throughout my home to celebrate the changing seasons. This sweet quilt reminds me of my garden in the springtime, the birds busy building nests in the birdhouses I have in my garden. My crocus is the first to bloom in my yard here in Minnesota, but not too far behind my other flowers start to make their appearances brightening up the garden! 

Grab your pattern that came in your fabric kit and pull out the Borders and Quilt Top Assembly page. Following the directions piece together the pieced block border. Refer to the quilt layout page for the block placement. Then add the #2, #3 and #4 fabric borders.

The final border is the pieces squares border. Following the directions cut out all of your fabric squares. Remember to use any fabric scraps you have to cut out your squares too! I'm a miser that way, it'll leave you with some yardage if you're lucky for some more Season Sampler bonus projects.

Some hints on doing borders... 

I like to use Best Press for pressing... 

Fold the border and mark the middle. Fold it again and mark the quarter points, then, if it is very long, fold once more and mark the eighths. Mark the quilt edge in the same measurement. Pin the middle of the border to the middle of the quilt. Next, pin each end together. Match pins at the fourths and eighths and ease the quilt to fit borders.

Don't fret if your borders aren't exactly the measurements that I have listed on the pattern. The final pieced border can be altered if needed. If your pieced border is too long.... stitch a larger seam allowance.... It's better to have a 'flat' quilt then a super wavy edge. 

Join me next week when we will do the optional corner applique to finish off the Spring Sampler quilt.

Happy Quilting
Cindy and Josephine

Yardage, Fat Quarter Bundles and Season Sampler Kits can be found on the Quilt Doodle Designs website. The patterns for the quilts are included in the Season Sampler Kits.

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  1. This is one beautiful quilt.. thank you Ruth