Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Quilt Retreat...

I had such a wonderful time on quilt retreat. I really needed the break to get away from my everyday school job and work on some projects. Just getting away and having an extra day off from work was fantastic. I'm really hoping that my quilt designing will soon become my 'job'. I love my summers because then my quilt designing is my full time job.  My focus needed to be getting ready for International Quilt Market at retreat this year... (I'm very excited to be going, but, have a list as long as I am tall.) I packed all of my ideas, started projects and a sketch of what I want my booth to look like. I brought my laptop with my pattern drafts and I went to retreat with big plans. Why does the weekend go by so very fast? I know we lost an hour on Sunday..... but it felt like I lost a day. My sister was a sweetie and helped me cut out pieces for Sample Spree and appliqued for me.  But I woefully didn't get as much done as I envisioned... mom kept telling me to make a list. I should have made out a list before I went. At retreat I would stare at my bins of fabric and sewing machine and my mind would start to race and panic would set in as I fretted over everything I wanted to get done... then mom would say, "Cindy, make a list.... you will feel better if you could cross things off your list." She was right.... I needed a list. Since being back from retreat, I have made out my list and I'm happy to say I have crossed a couple of things off the list, even if it's while I'm sitting  at my desk at work. 

So let me share a few pictures from retreat....

All packed and ready to go... I left right after work...
On the first day I got up so early the moon was still shining.....
We had tons of space to work in....
I finally got all of my little do dad's sewn onto my Minnesota Winter Wonderland quilt.
Tessa was not impressed with my winter quilt, she sat and slept in her comfy chair
while I sewed on my little buttons and other do-dads onto my quilt....
Here's a sneak peek of a table runner pattern I'm
getting ready for market....
Mom got this beautiful five yard quilt done.
It features a lovely bird print.
Gracie enjoyed the warmth of the fireplace while
we sewed. I have to say it was pretty comfy cozy by the fire.
I also spent a fair amount of time sitting by the fire.
Laura got this lovely quilt top done.
She's planning on adding a silhouette of a couple
and a wedding date to the quilt. It's going to be fabulous
when it is finish.
Awesome shirt, if it's ever missing, it's at my house!
After her bird quilt, mom worked on this teddy bear quilt.
She used leftover scraps from past projects. 
I love the added borders! So cute!
It was so much fun to go on retreat and see Colleen and Ann, our gracious hosts. I can't believe it's our 10th year going to Cozy Home Quilt Retreat! We were their first guests. It's hard to believe that that much time has passed. We are looking forward to our visit in August. Well, I've got to go get back to my list, and try to accomplish something that I can cross off 'the list'.

Happy Quilting,


  1. Looks like you had an awesome time at retreat. Lists do wonders for me and helps to keep me organized and motivated.

  2. I am not a list maker either. I always feel like I waste valuable time making lists when I could be doing something instead! ;-)

  3. I am definitely a list maker and would probably never finish anything otherwise. Works for me at work, at home, and at play (quilting). Funny how different people stay organized in different ways. And that's OK.

  4. Tessa is a sleeping BEAUTY! So sweet!

  5. Love the photo of your beautiful mastiff. We also have a wonderful, gentle giant. 257 pounds of slobber and love!