Thursday, March 17, 2011

FNSI & Quilt Retreat Part Two....

5:00 am... no one is up except for me... I'm all ready to
finish quilting feathers!
I am always so inspired by other quilters and their projects.  There's just something special about gathering with my quilting friends and family and listening to the hum of the different sewing machines.  We can usually tell who's sewing by the sound of their machine hummming....

We all show up at Cozy Home Quilt Retreat with our bins and suitcases packed full of fabric, books, and ideas.  We barely get out cars packed and we are usually jumping right into our projects.  As we work we laugh and catch up with our quilt retreat friends.  Mom, Laura and I have been guests since Colleen opened several years ago, we were her first group and we now go twice a year.  Usually in the early spring (March) and in the fall.  We're already signed up for 2012!  Kim joined retreat with us a couple of years ago.  Wow how time flies!  Colleen and Ann spoil us rotten with their wonderful meals and friendship. 

I can't wait until tomorrow for FNSI, I'm still filled with inspiration from all my quilting buddies... I will have my own little mini quilt retreat with all my cyber friends and work on something fun, maybe I'll quilt more feathers!

Kim worked on this darling baby quilt... and after she got it done found out her friends had a new little girl!

My mom made this beauty... I can't believe she just used her leftover fabrics from some other
projects!  It turned out so nice!  All of my mom's quilts are awesome...

Laura's having fun working with a Nancy Halvorson Book... she was so organized!
She had everything precut and ready to go.

Kim working on a jelly roll quilt... shhhhhhhhh I think it's a UFO from a
previous quilt retreat!

Colleen admires the beginning of Kat's crazy quilt for her sister-in-law... Kat was also
working on a photo quilt and it was phenomenal... geeez where was my camera when I needed it.
There were at least 100+ photos on it, and I could describe it good enough to give it justice.  Cozy Home
will be using the longarm and quilting it for her.  I hope to get another chance to see it when it's done.

Tootie is hiding behind this adorable Easter quilt.  I'm thrilled that she used my fluffy bunny
applique for her quilt.  It turned out precious.  Tootie also had a Minnesota quilt that she was
working on, wish I had a picture.  It was really cool...


  1. Retreats are just so awesome and full of inspiration, aren't they? Love your mom's quilt- everyone looks as if they are having a great time.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing, loved the pictures of the retreat and your feathers are absolutely awesome. If I could quilt feathers like that I would want to be quilting them all the time

  3. I can only imagine how much fun it is to get together like that and quilt. Once our youngest is out of college and our money is just ours, I think I'm going to have to book myself into some retreats. Until then I'll have to content myself with FNSI and a virtual quilt retreat... which I must admit are pretty darned fun too.