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Imagine having a group of 225 show up in your neighborhood and expect dinner and a place to sleep for the night.  Not to mention they came by horse and you would have to find a place for them too.  On January 14, 1862, Nancy Elly Moore writes about how they took care of such a group.  The soldiers threatened that they would break into their homes if they were not given food and shelter.

The block, 'Harassment' is easy to put together using a paper piecing method. I used the paper piecing template that is provided on the Civil War Diary Quilt Book CD that works with EQ5.  This block is broken down into five sections for paper piecing.  If you do not have EQ5 and the companion CD, the pieces can be easily traced onto foundation paper, just remember to add your 1/4" seams around every section.

So here is how I completed the block 'Harassment'...

Here are my color choices and foundation paper that I used to complete the block. 
I again picked fabric that was similar to what was shown in the book.

I wrote my colors in each section so that I can keep on track while sewing.

Here are the five sections to complete this block, notice the 1/4" seams
around each section.  If you draft your own block to work on make sure
to include the seam allowance.

When paper piecing remember to sew on the seam lines drawn
on the foundation paper...

Harassment, almost done!  I just have to sew the sections together.
Line up the 1/4" seams, with right sides together. 

Harassment all done.  I am very happy with the colors and
how this block turned out.  This block alone would make a
very beautiful table runner or quilt.
Remember to post your progress on the Civil War Diary Quilt Group on Flickr
Next Saturday, March 26th,  I will be working on 'Texas Rangers' and 'Union Soldiers' from the Civil War Dairy Quilt Book by Rosemary Youngs.  Hope that you're able to join me in my journey.  Feel free to email me any time if you have questions or comments.

Happy quilting and perfect stitches to you!

The Civil War Diary Quilt Book can be bought through paypal or through the mail from Rosemary Youngs...
The Civil War Diary Quilt book is available for $22.99 plus $4.95 priority mail, (global priority mail $11.95) . You can order the CD with the book, you will need  Electric Quilt 5 or 6 to run the CD, the CD alone is $10 and there is no extra charge for postage when you order the book with the CD, total cost for the CD with the book will be $32.99 plus your postage.
Send a check or money order to Rosemary Youngs, 3704 Nicole Ct., Walker, MI 49534

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