Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ugly Sweater Mug Rugs

It's never too early to work on a little Christmas project. I spent yesterday making some Ugly Christmas Sweater Mug rugs and thought it would be a fun project to share with you! I was able to make five mug rugs yesterday afternoon... I'm thinking I want to make some more to have on hand. They make quick gifts and are adorable paired up with a mug and some chocolate. My Ugly Sweater Mug Rug pattern is available as an instant downloadable PDF or as a packaged pattern. They can be found in my Etsy Store.
 My pattern can also be found in several local quilt shops. If it's not in your local shop, ask for it!
Pin your sweater body right sides together onto your batting. I like to use batting scraps for these types of projects.

Sew a 1/4" seam....

Remember to leave an opening so you can turn it right side out.

Don't forget to clip corners before you turn your sweater shape right sides out.

The super fun part is decorating your sweaters. Trace all your design pieces onto your heat n bond, iron onto the wrong side of the fabric scraps and cut out.

A Christmas Ornament ugly sweater. Isn't it cute and it's not even done yet!

I got one of each design put together. I'm now ready to do my applique stitch.

I used a dark brown thread from Aurifil. I use the same color thread for all of my mug rugs just for ease of getting them all done quickly without changing thread colors. What's great about this step is that you are appliqueing and quilting your mug rugs all at the same time. So easy!

After all my mug rugs are appliqued, it's time to camp out in front of the TV for some hand work. As you can see, I have lots of threads to clip. I've put together a button pack for you thru Just Another Button Company with all the embellishments for the mug rugs. The pack contains enough buttons to do one of each design plus some extras... I added some snowflake buttons too. This slick button kit is also available in my Etsy Store.

Shhhh, this one's my favorite... 

Another super fun thing you can do with these is make a bunch and sting them together to make a garland! I just used some red and white baker's twine and some decorative clothespins.

Hope you're staying cool this August afternoon! I'm off to take new little puppy outside for the ga-zillionth time. My gosh, Belvedere is so darn cute! If you follow me on Instagram you've seen a few pictures, it's been really hard to get much done but snuggle with puppy. 

Happy quilting!


  1. What a hoot! These are so fun! Cute idea :-)

  2. Those are sooooooooo cute! Do you sell the little clothes pins? I have the pattern--I really need to get busy on Christmas goodies.

  3. These are adorable...Perfect for using scraps of Christmas fabrics. I appreciate seeing the machine applique! Cute puppy!!!!

  4. Love those and such fun. I was thinking as I was looking at the first ones, that would be a fun idea for a garland, lol.


  5. These are too cute for words. Can't wait to start making them - making my list and checking it twice!!!

  6. How cute they all are! The snowman is my favorite, too. =)

  7. Ok missy!!! You caught me...hook line and sinker. These are just too much fun and I love the idea of hanging them up on a little clothes line. I just bought and downloaded my pattern! LOL!!

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  9. These are so cute! I love that you used Christmas fabric designed by my friend Patrick Lose.

  10. Your little ugly sweaters are so cute, Cindy.

  11. This is super cute! I really like the blog and I was actually thinking of doing something like this for my son’s fifth birthday but since the guest count was more than we could handle, we moved the party to one of the nicer and bigger New York Event Venues and hired a planner.

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