Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It will take me days to decorate....

My Beautiful window box....  dried flowers from my garden
mixed with some artifical flowers....
dusted with fresh snow this morning
Not because I have sooooooo much to do.  Well I do but I have no free time with working too!  I'm trying to do a little every night when I get home.  But hearing my comfy chair whisper, "come sit and relax.... I will take care of those tired feet..." So hard to resist....  I'm found most evenings sleeping in my comfy overstuffed chair.  I had such grand plans last night to get my dining room decorated but I sat in comfy chair.... husband woke me at ten and told me I missed 'Scrooge' on TV. 

I totally have my neighbors fooled.... the outside of my house looks so cute during the day. Neighbors drive by my home they think, "wow she's got her decorating done...."  If only they saw the mess inside, pumpkin with black cat sitting next to my Santa tea towel... leaf table runner with Christmas tray on my kitchen island.... arrrrrrgggg  open plastic bins in the hallway..... dust covered village.

Love my Christmas village on top of the bookcase, but everyone is out shopping in my pretend town.... (half of the bulbs are burnt out)  One dust covered home flickers on and off giving the illusion of a tiny family coming and going.  Must get the step ladder out and change those bulbs and dust this afternoon.  After I decorate the dining room... must stay away from comfy chair.

Update!  The village is done...

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