Saturday, May 27, 2023

Making Snowballs

 I’m getting a jumpstart on some winter themed quilting with the help of my new Snowfolks fabric line from Marcus Fabrics. I am in love with the Strip It fabric. What is a Strip It fabric? Well, it’s this fabulous yardage that has eight different coordinates all in one fabric which is scrappiness heaven! The strip it fabric is perfect to make my Snowfolks Snowball Quilt. With a bit of prep work the fabric makes the perfect winter themed scrappy blue quilt. It took me a couple of afternoons to make the scrappy snowballs for my quilt. You will need a rotary cutter, cutting mat, quilting ruler. I also find it helpful to have a tray to stack all your scrappy squares in. I also like to listen to audio books and I cut and stitch along. I am currently listening to, “Quarry Girls” by Jess Lourey. It makes the time just fly by. I enjoy making scrappy snowball blocks, let me show you how I make them. 

Snowfolks Strip It fabric

I cut the strip it fabric apart on the lines, these are 5” width by length of fabric. I then cut 3 1/2” squares and 1 1/2” squares. For each block you will need one large square and four small squares for the corners. 

See all of my lovely cut squares all ready to sew together. I also cut some squares from some of the other coordinating fabric. I’m alternating my colors, light and dark. If you are following the Snowfolks Snowball Quilt pattern, I have it all laid out how many squares, what sizes and colors you need for the quilt. If you are working on a snowball project of your own, the strip it fabric is fun to play with. 

To make the snowball blocks I line up the small squares on the corner of the large square and sew corner to corner, repeating on all of the corners of the squares.

I then trim the corners leaving a quarter inch seam. 

Press the snowball blocks and then square up to measure 3 1/2” x 3 1/2”.

Don’t the scrappy snowball blocks look great! I love how they turned out.

ScrappySnowball blocks would also make a cute pillow, table runner or a great lap quilt.
I hope you’re able to have fun and make some snowball blocks and give my trip it fabric a try.

Happy quilting
Cindy & Josephine 

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