Thursday, April 15, 2021


Spring is here, my sister has her new baby chicks! They are so adorable! I would like to show you a fun way to use the hen and chick designs on my Blue Ribbon panel from Marcus Fabrics. I have a limited number of panels and I also have the Blue Ribbon BOM quilt kit. Perfect to welcome spring! The quilt kit and panels can be found at the Quilt Doodle Website The design can be embroidered or left plain. It's totally up to you. I did not embroider the panel sections for the projects I'm showing you today. If you decide to embroider your hen and chick panels, do not trim up to the block sizing stated in the table runner pattern until you have completed your stitching. 
This is a fun table runner to make using the hen and chick sections of the panel along with scrap pieces of Aunt Grace's Apron fabric by Judie Rothermel from Marcus Fabrics. You can also dig thru your stash for reproduction 1930's fabrics to go with the panel too.  What I love about the Aunt Grace fabrics is they look lovely mixed up, even between different collections. As you can see the runner is pretty simple and can be easily pieced in an afternoon.

I did simple meandering for the quilting around my mama hen and her baby chicks. To quilt on the border I used my walking foot and quilted X ‘ s in each of the squares. 

I hope you enjoy this little freebie pattern using my Blue Ribbon panel. It’s the perfect table runner to put out during the spring and summer months. If you happen to love and raise chickens, not only do I envy you but you could keep your runner on display year round!

Happy quilting,
Cindy & Belvedere

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