Monday, March 22, 2021

A Simple Table Runner

 I was playing around in my sewing room the other day. Just playing around with ideas and I came up with a very simple table runner or mini quilt. I took a piece of pretty flowered fabric that was cut to 14" x 18" and placed my Bunny Butt design on one end and then my Flopsie Bunny design on the other end. I appliqued around them using a buttonhole stitch. Then I layered with with a plain cream backing and a scrap of batting. I was thinking a small project like this is perfect if you want to play around with a new quilting pattern or design. It's a great way to try out those stitches before you work on quilting that big quilt. That's what I did, I wanted to play around with wavy quilting lines to see how I would like it. 

Using my walking foot I am trying out a wavy line quilting design. I really enjoyed the lazy meandering of this quilting design. It was relaxing to do while I listened to my audio book. I decided not to quilt through the applique design but to stop and start around it continuing  the line, just eyeballing where it would start again working around the bunny design.
Here you can see the placement of my applique designs. This size would also work for placemats. Placing the design to the right or left or center of the rectangle background. I did not fret about doing a fancy binding. I trimmed the batting. Then trimmed the backing an 1 wider and then folded in over onto the front. I then stitched it by machine. 

I like how my mini quilt turned out. I haven't quite decided where I will put it on display yet. I do see I forgot an area while appliqueing. Gotta love that! I'm not going to fret, I'll be going back down to the sewing room to fix it as soon as I'm done chatting with you! Isn't it funny how sometimes we work and work on a quilt and don't discover that one little thing until we think we are done? It's almost like our project is giggling, 'Gotcha!'.  

I hope that you have a great day. The sun is shining here in Minnesota and spring is in the air. I'm looking forward to some quilting time this afternoon. I'm ready to try my wavy lines quilting on a big quilt. That's after I get my table runner fixed.

Happy quilting!

Cindy and Belvedere

Bunny Butt and Flopsie Bunny applique designs can be found on the Quilt Doodle Designs Website and also in my Etsy shop. (or a quilt shop near you!)

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  1. I love his cute little butt and feet in the air. =)