Monday, April 20, 2020

Heroic Hearts

Join me and all of the Marcus Block Stars in celebrating the everyday heroes in our community during the pandemic. There are so many heroes such as hospital staff, teachers, neighbors, first responders... the list goes on and on. I bet that you have a hero or two in mind that has touched your heart during this difficult time. ‘Quilters around the world continue to respond to the Covid-19 crisis with fabric, needle and thread, sewing millions of face masks and more for those serving in the frontlines of the pandemic. Marcus Fabrics has created the Heroic Hearts Tote Project to give quilting and sewing enthusiasts a unique way to Show appreciation to those who are giving so much of themselves.’

Sarah Maxwell has designed a wonderful tote pattern for this project and it can be found on her website as a .FREE PDF DOWNLOAD

I am proud to be part of the project and am joining my fellow Marcus Fabrics Block Stars in presenting our versions of The Heroic Hearts tote bags. I made two bags, one in the Aunt Grace’s Apron fabric line by Judie Rothermel and one from the Lumber Jack Primo Plaid Flannel, both thru Marcus Fabrics. But, you can use any fabric that you want! The bag features 5 different fabrics and Sarah makes  switching up the fabrics with the pattern fabric page in the pattern easy. Let me show you how I constructed my totes.

I just love these Aunt Grace Fabrics, so cheerful!

Following the pattern, I've cut out all of my pieces....

Here I have the center heart section complete, all ready to be trimmed up.
It is very handy to have a 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" square ruler to trim the square up. Following the directions, line up the ruler as pictures and trim the block up to measure 6 1/2" x 6 1/2"

I've added the offset triangle sections, trimming between each step. The final block measures 12 1/2" x 12 1/2". Now it's time to add borders.

The front of my tote is all done. Sew pretty!

I lined the tote bag front and back piece with fusible interfacing to give the bag a little more body. You could also use a fusible batting. I did not line my Primo Plaid Flannel tote.

Here you can see the front piece lined with the iron on interfacing.

Following the pattern, sew the front and back of the tote together. Then it's time to make the bottom gusset of the bag. Following the directions you will repeat this on the lining front and back sections too. 

It's time to make the handles. I made mine much longer. I cut 2-  4" x 36" for the handle sections. Then folded them in half, wrong sides together and pressed. I them folded the outer edges to the center pressed 'line' and pressed again to form a 1" x 36" handle.

I then top stitched on each side of the handle using white thread.
Following the directions I then attached the handles to the lining.
Make sure to sew a square and then an X for a good strong handle.

Almost done! I'm stitching across the top of the bag attaching the inner and outter sections of the tote!
~ Heroic Hearts Tote ~

These are fun totes to make. I completed two on Sunday. Now comes the fun part, fill it with something special to give. It can be anything! A batch of homemade cookies, lunch from a drive thru, a recipe with ingredients, flowers, gardening supplies.... the skies the limit! I'm off to fill my bags. Stay tuned to my Instagram, I'll be giving  my bags to a couple of special people... 

Remember to post your photos of your tote. Shhhhh although it isn't a competition more of a challenge to thank others, there will be fun fabric prizes throughout the challenge. Remember to post your pictures to Instagram using these hashtags when posting:


Let's have fun and thank someone!
Happy quilting,
Cindy and Belvedere

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  1. Both sets of fabric make wonderful blocks. I think I'd like to just make the blocks for American Hero quilts!