Friday, August 28, 2015

Still Shop Hopping!

If you have been following along you know that I went shop hopping a few weeks ago with my two favorite quilting buddies. My mom and sister! We went to eight shops in two days, doesn't sound like that many, but when you add in the distance, road construction etc.... it's quite a feat! I honestly don't know how people complete the entire state during shop hop. I know they do! I see the pictures of the weary, bleary eyed couples that manage to visit each and every shop posted on Facebook. I'm an exhausted mess after doing just one section! Here are some more pictures from our fun travels....

Our next stop was All In Stitches in the town of Zumbrota.
My husband's family's neck of the woods. It's a shame I only make it 
to this shop once a year, usually during shop hop. It's a great shop!

I am very fond of their row by row pattern. It has an embroidery design
of the Zumbrota covered bridge. I am looking forward to making this as a table runner.
I want to make it using red and white fabrics and doing the embroidery in a red thread. It would be lovely done in blue and white too. Won't that be sooooo cute! I promise to blog about it when I get around to making it. 
It was afternoon by the time we reached Zumbrota! We couldn't believe how the time flew by! We started our Shop Hopping at 9:00. After a quick lunch at McDonald's we continued on our journey and made our way to the next stop....Rather Bee Quilting in Lake City, Minnesota.

A couple of planters full of geraniums greet us
by the entryway... very pretty.
Very nice window display...
Yea! Another row by row pattern too!
Isn't this an adorable summertime design for the Row by Row!
One of my favorites! 
Love, love, love the purple polka dot swimsuit with the ruffle...
It's the polka dot fabric and embellishments that make this row by row block so cute.
 Five shops visited, three more to go! I'm car weary.... We're an hour away from the next shop and not sure if we will make it by five. My sis is on the phone, hurrah! They are open until 5:30pm. we're going to make it there in time before they close!  So we are off, driving the curvy roads of bluff country in Minnesota. It's a very pretty drive... on our way to Bluffview Quilt Shop in Winona, Minnesota.
The is the roadside view of Bluffview Quilt Shop.
A beautiful, colorful wall of fabric... so pretty!
This is their Minnesota quilt using this year's fabric.
I like the corner blocks.
The one item I wish I would have picked up during shop hop but didn't was Bluffview Quilt Shop's kit for their row by row. I love the googly eyes they used on their row of fish. In the strip that was on display at the shop, the fish were going all the same direction. The batiks they used were wonderful, I wish I would have taken a photo. (The above photo is from their facebook page)

We ended our day at the Hubbell House in Mantorville. Had a small August birthday celebration for dessert. Happy Birthday mom and Laura!!!

Happy Quilting,

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  1. It's crazy addictive. I've taken 2 day trips and 2 overnight trips and still won't be able to see all the shops in the state. What a great time trying though. Love seeing just how different and unique each and every shop is!