Saturday, August 29, 2015

Soldiers Ladies Aid Society

I really like the color combination of this block. I worked on this block during quilt retreat and it seems I had troubles with this one even though I tried to take extra steps to get the fabric in the right areas. My first boo-boo was a 'happy' mistake.... I switched the light and dark on the center star block. I liked the results and left it. It looks like a sweet little sunflower. Happy mistake, I'm gonna leave it. But not all mistakes are happy..... check out the outer border on my 'Soldiers Ladies Aid Society' block.....  there's a triangle of red where it's supposed to be black. Arrrrrrg! I haven't corrected it yet.... I am not looking forward to taking out the teeny tiny stitches in the seams... I will fix it. Just not today... I'm going to go and cry in my coffee and get ready for a super busy weekend...

Love this color combo.... 
My favorite part of this block, my star looks like a sunflower.
So cute!

'Soldiers Ladies Aid Society'
June 7, 1861
Have a wonderful week!  Remember to post your progress on the Civil War Diary Quilt Group on Flickr.

I will be working on 'Bidding Goodbye' out of Rosemary's book next. Hope that you have a great weekend! Tonight is my 35th class reunion, geez where did the time go! It'll be fun to go since the last one I went to was my 10th. Then on Sunday I get to spend the day at the state fair. Love the fair! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

Happy quilting and perfect stitches to you!
Check out Rosemary's website.  Her books and Cd's can be ordered there too!


  1. I like this block too! The sunflower center is lovely. It took me awhile to notice the red oops on the edge...even though you'd mentioned it. Strong work with this quilt of history. Inspiring!

  2. Wonderful block, came out great.

  3. Gorgeous fabrics! Love the block. Makes me want to get this book and make one too. BEAUTIFUL!

  4. WoW, that's an amazing block.. just beautiful. I admire that you put that middle square together to..