Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Quilt Doodle BOM Hop day 2

Another day of quilty fun! Today I am hosting two talented quilters that completed the Quilt Doodle BOM 2013. It is so much fun to see the quilts, they are the same design but each one is so different based on the color choices. I love the quilts that let our quilters personalities shine. So fun!

"I decided to join Quiltdoodles' block of the month because I had seen her patterns and loved her style. After I decided to do this, I saw Rhapsody of Reds fabric by Jenni Calo and fell in love with it. I didn't have anyone that I wanted to make a quilt for or any idea of what I would do with it when it was finished but I knew that I could decide later. Now that it's finished (except for the quilting) I'm thinking that I will keep it for myself - I could use something to snuggle up in when I sit on the couch. I'm pleased with the look of all of the blocks and had a great time picking which fabrics to use. I think my favorite block is the paper pieced one - Jumping Jack Blossom. I also like the look of September's End of Summer block and of course Mama's Spools."
Jumping Jack Blossom 
Mama's Spools
End Of Summer
Dee's 'rows' , all reading to be sewn with the rest of the sashing.
Sewing the sashing...

Dee's quilt top without the borders...

So pretty draped over a chair.

Dee's finished quilt top. So lovely!

Dee's Quilt Doodle BOM 2013.
Thank you Dee for sharing your beautiful quilt!
"I had so much fun participating in this block of the month!  My goal when I started back in January was to complete each block within the month it was assigned.  Well, I made it with all but 2 of the blocks.  August's block (log cabin) got delayed because of the annual shore vacation and getting ready for school to start.  November's block got put off because I was scared to give it a try.  I've never done machine applique before and I was nervous about it, but I ended up loving it.  My husband has even requested a whole quilt made just of the Grandma's Plate block!

My favorite block of all is the very simple Rail Fence from March.  The first quilt I ever made was a rail fence made for my daughter when she was 4 years old.  She was terrified of thunder storms.  I had just read The Quilter's Apprentice by Jennifer Chiaverini and really wanted to try to make a quilt myself, so I got a bunch of quilting books from the library.  I was looking through one of the books with my daughter and when she saw the picture of the rail fence quilt, she said that it looked like lightning.  She said that if she had a quilt like that, she could hide under it during storms and it would protect her.  So we went to the store so she could pick out fabrics that she liked and made her happy and I made my first quilt.  I made some mistakes and the quilt wasn't fancy, but it worked perfectly for her, especially during bad weather.  The pink in the new block is leftover from the back of her original quilt.  I love that this new quilt has a piece of my beginning quilting in it.  This block of the month quilt may end up in my daughter's room, too!"
Rail Fence 'Lightning' Quilt

March's Block. I love the colors!

Michelle's Quilt Doodle BOM 2013 Quilt.
Thank you Michelle for sharing it with us!

Dee and Michelle share today with a couple of other talented quilters.  Stop back tomorrow for some more quilty fun! So here's the schedule for the hop....

Make sure to also stop at Nanni's and check out her quilt, it's beautiful!!!

January 18th
January 19th

January 20th


  1. Dee and Michelle did a great job, I think it's so funny to see, how different all the finished quilts/tops look, only because of the different color choices!
    Have a nice sunday!!! Martina

  2. It is so fun to see two quilts together and the quilter's choice of color/fabrics. Lovely job to both ladies.

  3. I love how different they all are!!

  4. They both did a great job. I have always loved a red and white quilt.

  5. I just love looking at these quilts in different colors. Such a versatile pattern that works for everybody. Now off to see Sharon's, Laura's, and Nanni's.

  6. I`m enjoying the Blog hop,different fabrics, same blocks and look different projects, isn´t that wonderful? .They both did a fabulous job,love their fabrics combo!!.

  7. Wow!!!! Both quilts are really pretty!!!!

  8. Both quilts are delightful.
    Dee the story about your daughter brought back memories. I used to hide under a blanket for protection.
    Sorry my first reply was in the wrong spot.

  9. Both quilts turned out great.The quilt sure looks different depending on what fabrics are used.

  10. Love seeing it in Dee's mainly two color way choice and Michele's use of color is wonderful and Spring like. Looking very nice!

  11. Michelle, your quilt turned out so pretty. I'm not a pink person, but I love it paired with the brown in your sashing and cornerstones.