Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Quilt Doodle BOM Hop Day 1

Oh how much fun! It's time to share and oogle at everyone's Quilt Doodle BOM  2013 projects!  Shhh mine isn't quilted yet. It's ok if you don't have your quilt top quilted... it'll still be fun to see everyone's progress. I am looking forward to a few days of hopping around and seeing some BOM Quilts. I hope that you enjoy them too. At the end of the hop, I have some fun prizes to give away. (Wilson's favorite part of a hop, mine too!) Prizes can be won by leaving sweet comments for everyone and also participating in the hop by posting. Today I am hosting a couple of sweet ladies and their awesome quilts...

"This quilt started as a learning project for 2013.  I purchased inexpensive fat quarters at Tuesday Morning with the thought if I made errors it wouldn't be that costly.  Little did I know that as the months went along I was enjoying the challenge of making these little finds work. My favorite block was the paper pieced.  Had my head spinning for a couple of days but loved how it finally went together. As you can see I switched out two blocks from the original pattern. As I was going along I made additional blocks as "practice" and found the colors I had taken from my stash worked better than the originals.  Plan to use those two blocks on the back.  
Each month I looked forward to the new block and have to admit I am very happy with this quilt. The borders tied things together and made it more respectable. Thank you  for your part and I am started on 2014 Doodle Design. "
Grandma's Plate
End Of Summer, September's Block
Jumping Jack Blossom, the paper pieced block.

Some of the blocks up on Ann's design wall...
Ann's finished quilt top.
Ann's quilt is so bright and cheerful. I love the fabrics that she used.

Kathy is a special quilter, she's my mom. She didn't only do one block a month but she did two! Mom got one quilt put together and is currently working on putting the second one together. (In fact I bet it is all sewn together now)  Her quilts turned out so bright and cheerful! I really like the green mixed with the brown/tan. It's a neat combination. I love how they turned out. I know she wasn't really fond of doing the paper piecing block. The seam ripper and her became good friends while she worked on that block, but she was a real trooper and got two paper pieced blocks done that month. So here are Kathy's Quilt Doodle BOM 2013 results....

Here are Kathy's blocks for the second quilt she is putting together.

She's starting to assemble the second quilt...

Quilt Top #1 all pieced... Love the green. When I was a teenager
I had a bedroom painted bright green, loved it!

Ann and Kathy share today with a couple of other talented quilters.  Stop back tomorrow for some more quilty fun! So here's the schedule....

January 18th
January 19th

January 20th


  1. Anne's quilt is definitely bright and cheery. I especially like the Grandma's Plate block.

  2. 2 blocks a month is more than I usually accomplish. The quilt is beautiful!

  3. Love the festive, mozaic look of Ann's quilt and Kathy's green/brown is just wonderful - love that color combo.

  4. Dear Cynthia,
    Ann and your mother's quilts turned really beautiful, I love your mother's color choice with the greens! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful BOM with us!!! Take care, Martina

  5. The blocks all turned out so nicely.

  6. Ann and Kathy both did great jobs. Love how the colors of both complimented each quilt.

  7. Beautiful quilts, Ann & Kathy! Congrats on your finished tops.

  8. Congrats on your finished,both are just beautiful.And love the fabrics combo!!

  9. Ann and Kathy you both have lovely cheerful quilts.

  10. Both quilts are wonderful. I love Ann's Dresden Plate block and Ann's use of green and brown is a good combination. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Dee and Michelle ,you both have delightful quilts.
    Dee the story about your daughter brought back memories. I used to hide under a blanket for protection.

  12. Both quilts look wonderful. Love your mom's cool colors and Ann's spools turned out sweet:) Good job!!!

  13. Ann, I've enjoyed seeing your blocks each month - the colors are great - and love the way it looks all finished. Kathy, I love your green theme (one of my favorite colors) - it looks great.