Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Cut Above...

I ran to the store and bought a NEW one!
Happy Saturday! What does it say about me that I had to clean my sewing room this morning in order to function in my sewing room. It was a mess.  A messy quilter is a happy quilter right?  Not true, I was not happy, I couldn't find anything and I hate cleaning. Well, let me tell you why I had to clean my sewing room, I was looking for my rotary cutter! REALLY looking, searching.... only to find out, I left it at mom's.  I had kits to package and fabric to cut this week. How in heavens name did we ever function as a quilter without the rotary cutter? Really, how did we ever cut those pieces out? I know when I first started quilting there were noooo rotary tools. (This really dates me) I remember taking days to cut pieces out for my quilts and using a straight edge ruler and a pencil to mark my fabric.  While trying to cut fabric for kits with scissors, I found that I cannot function well without my rotary cutter. What takes minutes to cut with a rotary cutter takes hours to cut with a scissors. So let's salute my favorite quilting tool, the Rotary Cutter! 
Hail to this awesome tool!! 

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and find some time to quilt. Keep on working on those snowman strips for the Quilt Doodle BOM 2014. I love the results that have been posted so far in the flickr account. It's not too late to join! Remember the pattern is free this month and can be found on Craftsy. 
Join me on Monday for the Handmaids 4 sewing room blog hop. I have an awesome project or two to show you! There's going to be tons of fun and inspiration. 

Happy quilting,


  1. What a great new cutter! I can remember those cutting days too and I can't imagine going back.

  2. What a classy looking cutter! I have no idea what we did before them!

  3. I, too, remember using pencils, plastic templates, rulers, and scissors or everything. A great invention - the rotary cutter. I think I have three of them. Being a breast cancer survivor, I had to have a pink one, blue is my favorite color - so..., and I have a gray one that I think came with a mat. I don't have a fancy, cool one like yours. Don't worry with three, I still have difficult finding one on a give day. Thanks for being the head cheerleader for the upcoming hop.

  4. I have to have two rotary cutters, an extra one in case I don't want to take the time to switch blades or one is in the other room, or I misplace one. My block is all cut out, I bought the heat and bond and will put my block together tomorrow!