Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rosie Posies...

What do you do with those ring dilly dally's from the orange juice or milk containers?  I used to throw them away until I found one and played around with it thinking... this could be a ring. In fact, if I were 6 again, I would be gluing gems to them and prancing around the house dressed as a princess wearing my mom's high heels with a blankie tied around my waist.  Well, I can't get away with that anymore.... maybe when I'm a bit older and senile I can...  but I can glue a yo-yo flower to it and make it a pincushion ring! Doesn't that sound like a fun idea! So here's a quick tutorial on making my Rosie Posie pincushion ring.

You will need some fabric scraps, thread, 30 mm yo-yo maker
and a 45 mm yo-yo maker and some  batting.

First make a yo-yo using the 45 mm yo-yo maker....

Then make a yo-yo using the 30 mm yo-yo  maker.
Before you sew it closed, stuff it with some batting.

Sew it to the '45 mm' yo-yo.

You've made a cute Rosie Posie!

Score the plastic disk of  your plastic ring using the point of
a scissor or pin....

Hot glue your Rosie Posie to the disk.

Ta-da! A pincushion ring!  Isn't it cute?

It even looks cute sitting in my thread basket!
I would like to make a bunch of these up for my next quilt retreat outing.  They would make cute little gifts to give to my fellow quilters! Ok boys, start drinking up that milk and orange juice! I need a few more plastic thingies! I want to make about a dozen of these!

Happy quilting!

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  1. I love this and I thought the same thing yesterday when throwing out the juice caps, what a fun ring. I have a bag of yo yo's too. I gotta try this!!!

  2. I love your creativity, too cute.

  3. You come up with some of the cutest ideas! Love your patterns and they do make me think Spring! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  4. You made me wish I hadn't thrown that one away yesterday. Next time!!!! They are really cute and so are the spring patterns.

  5. I have thrown so many of these away it makes me cringe! lol.
    Great idea to 'score' the plastic b4 adding the glue... bit it sticks great! Thanks.

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  7. I like your creative ring pincushions! Neat idea for a little favor for a retreat. Thank you for sharing at Funday Monday!

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  9. quelle superbe idée, merci
    c'est trop mignon

  10. What a clever idea for the rings! And your bunny and flowers with the bees are so adorable, I love them!

  11. Such a lovely ring.Thanks for the tutorial!

  12. I love your rings. Thanks for the tutorial. And just the right size for doing applique work with 2-3 needles in tow.