Thursday, September 15, 2011

What to do....

Maybe I can work on this!

Yeah!  Tomorrow is FNSI and I am so looking forward to some sewing time!  Hope that my family cooperates and I'm not too exhausted from work that I'm able to stay awake and have some project time!  Tomorrow is the school wide walk-a-thon and I get to walk with all my little sweeties tomorrow afternoon and help Carmie keep them all together.  Best part of my day is spending time with the Kindergartners so that their teacher gets some prep time.  Tomorrow is a busy Friday and I'm hoping to have a burst of energy tomorrow when I get home for FNSI.  Gosh, I sure have things I can work on.  It's almost Civil War Saturday and I'm so close to having another row done!  Almost time for another give-away!  I have quilts to quilt, patterns to work out and write.... so much to do..... I'd better stop by the store on the way home from work and pick up some chocolate and Diet Mountain Dew.  That should help keep me awake at least for a little while.

Happy quilting everyone!

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  1. Hang in there Cindy. Just squeeze in as little or as much sewing as you feel like and it will soothe your soul!