Saturday, September 17, 2011

Santa Mug Rug, Bon Jovi & Civil War Saturday

It was a wonderful night of sewing.  I gave the family Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner and then hid myself away in my sewing room. I plugged myself into my Zune, and cranked Bon Jovi for the evening. I'm not sure if my family heard me singing away to 'It's my life...' but I can't sing to save my life so if they heard me they were kind enough not to comment...or laugh.  Last night was FNSI and I worked on a Santa Mug Rug.  I've had the pattern drawn out for months now.  I've taken it to my last two quilt retreats in hopes that I would get my sample made.  Well, it's done and ohhh soooo cute!  Not only can you use it as a cute addition to your desk at work, it would also make a cute candle mat for a jar candle.  Cute for the holidays.... A fun gift to give your quilting friends!  Well the pattern is available in my Etsy Shop.  It's quick and easy to make and can be easily done in an afternoon.  I stayed up late to put together the pattern just for you!  I'm hoping to also post mini kits later today.

Also during my evening of uninterrupted sewing time, I got another block done on my Civil War Diary Quilt.  The block is called 'Church'.  It is a classic pattern that went together easily.  So here's how I did it....

As always, I choose fabrics similar to the picture in Rosemary's book.

I printed up the foundation paper from the companion CD that works with EQ.  And I decided to rotary cut the pieces to the block and sew them together traditionally using a scant 1/4" seam.

First with your cream fabric cut 2   2 1/2" squares

Then cut the squares corner to corner to form 4 triangles

Then cut 1    2  5/8" square out of the gold fabric, this is your center square

Cut 4    2" squares, these are your corner squares.

Cut 4   3  1/2" x 2" rectangles out of the navy blue fabric.
I have the block laid out on my cutting board all ready to sew.  I started with the center gold square framed with the cream triangles.

Here I am sewing the cream triangles onto the square.... all four sides....

The center is done... remember to square it up to measure a 3 1/2" square centering the gold square.

Here I am adding the 'outer' border sections.

January 27th 1861

Remember to post your progress on the Civil War Diary Quilt Group on Flickr

Next week I will be working on 'Sewing' from the Civil War Dairy Quilt Book.  Have a wonderful week and hope that you can join me next week as I continue on my Civil War Diary Quilt journey.

Happy quilting!

The Civil War Diary Quilt Book can be bought through paypal or through the mail from Rosemary Youngs...
The Civil War Diary Quilt book is available for $22.99 plus $4.95 priority mail, (global priority mail $11.95) . You can order the CD with the book, you will need  Electric Quilt 5 or 6 to run the CD, the CD alone is $10 and there is no extra charge for postage when you order the book with the CD, total cost for the CD with the book will be $32.99 plus your postage.
Send a check or money order to Rosemary Youngs, 3704 Nicole Ct., Walker, MI 49534


  1. You had a great FNSI. Your Santa mug rug really is cute!

    You did a great job explaining how you made your Civil War Church quilt block.

  2. Love your block and I love your comment about the singing, except my children comment. If are riding in the car they threaten to turn the radio off, I can't sing on key for anything. Hope you have a great evening stitching. .

  3. Cute Santa mug rug. Like your CWD block too. Sing your lungs out and grove to the beat of your sewing machine!

  4. church? i like it, i like us more!

  5. Congrats on getting a lot done on FNSI! I love your mug rug and the Church block.. very nice!