Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dear Jane....

Jane A. Sickle Quilt
Dearest Jane,
How in heaven's name did you get this magnificent quilt done?  I have been saving all my little bits and pieces from my Civil War Diary quilt with the thought I will make a 'Dear Jane' quilt.  Testing the waters, I started with the first block.  Traced all my pieces onto freezer paper and have ironed them onto my fabric.  Thinking this project would be a wonderful hand piecing project that I can do in front of the TV.  Thought it would be easy to sew using an English paper piecing method.  I'm struggling with it.  I either need to get new glasses, or a magnifying glass.  I can not imagine hand piecing a quilt in the 1800's under candlelight!  Jane, how did you do it?  How long did it take?

Respectfully yours,

So I have been saving all of my bits and pieces from my Civil War Diary quilt thinking "These will be perfect for a Dear Jane quilt"  I decided I would give the first block in the book a try.

I traced and iron on all my pieces on my fabric using the freezer paper method thinking how hard can it be!  I've done English Paper Piecing and finished a double sized Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt.

I start sewing in front of the TV and scream, I need more light, I need new glasses and so on.....

I managed to get half of the block done.  Yippee... half done.... and that's where I last left my Dear Jane Quilt almost a month ago.  I vow to get back to it.... maybe next week.... I'll just keep saving my Civil War Diary Scraps.


  1. Its looking good, but you might like to check out a blog called "hand piecing with crispy"She has some very good tips.keep it up its so rewarding.

  2. If you don't want to handpiece, you can buy the dear Jane CD and foundation piece it. It is an absolutely wonderful thing to have. I will say, the dear Jane quilt is a very special quilt for me, part of it is the journey even if it takes 10 years to complete. Enjoy the process, I will enjoy hearing more about it.