Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sorrow & Gloomy Prospects

Greenfield and Stockton from last
week... all fixed.
This week I worked on the final two blocks from the Rachel Young King Anderson  chapter from 'The Civil War Dairy Quilt' book by Rosemary Youngs.  These two quilt blocks cover the time period from September 1, 1864 to January 1, 1865.  Rachel opened and close a school, she learned of the loss of her father.  She continues to put her strength in god as the Civil War goes on.  She worries about her family, friends and neighbors.  I cannot imagine the hardships she went through during this time.

So let's get started on the final two blocks from this section of the book, 'Sorrow' and 'Gloomy Prospects'  Both blocks are paper pieced.  If you need a refresher coarse on paper piecing, I found this website helpful...

My color choices for this block are again very traditional and follow the color suggestion pictured in Rosemary's book.  I printed up foundation paper using the CD available as a companion piece for "The Civil War Diary Quilt' book.  If you do not have the CD, use the picture to trace out your foundation papers.  Remember to make a copy in case of mistakes.

'Sorrow' is broken down into 10 paper piecing sections. I label all of the colors in each section of the paper piecing templates.  I find this very helpful while working on these blocks.

Sewing on the lines of the foundation paper... remember to sew beyond the 1/4" seams.

What my block looked like after sewing but before trimming....

'Sorrow' completed.  I think this is my personal favorite block so far... 43 pieces to this block, I counted.

My fabric choices and foundation paper for 'Gloomy Prospects'.

This block is broken up into three sections for paper piecing.  I again wrote the fabric colors in each section so that I didn't loose track of what I was doing as I stitched along.  Remember while paper piecing to use a small stitch setting and a sharp needle on your sewing machine.  Change your needle fairly often.

Stitching on the sewing lines.  Going in the numerical order printed on the foundation paper.

Here I am trimming away the excess fabric as I work on the block, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.  Don't cut the foundation paper!

The three sections of the block completed and trimmed leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.

'Gloomy Prospects'
Next Saturday we will learn about Eldress Nancy Elly Moore.  I will work on 'Feeding The Rebels' and 'Draft Threat'  from the book....if you have any questions or comments on the block, feel free to email me at cindy

Remember to post your progress on the Civil War Diary Quilt Group on Flickr

Happy quilting!

The Civil War Diary Quilt Book can be bought through paypal or through the mail from Rosemary Youngs...
The Civil War Diary Quilt book is available for $22.99 plus $4.95 priority mail, (global priority mail $11.95) . You can order the CD with the book, you will need  Electric Quilt 5 or 6 to run the CD, the CD alone is $10 and there is no extra charge for postage when you order the book with the CD, total cost for the CD with the book will be $32.99 plus your postage.
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  1. That is a sharp block - great idea to use the paper piecing.

  2. I am so glad to see that your first row is finished, I am enjoying following on your journey.