Friday, February 18, 2011

So how many does it take?

My bin full of 2 1/2" squares... and the cream fabric
 I will mix them with...
At every quilt retreat I scavenge every one's scraps of fabric, nothing is too little to be added to my scrap bag.  I dig through the garbage, I scan the floor.  I have every color and holiday covered in this glop of fabric.  You should see my huge bag of bits and pieces!  I'm sure it's an illness, I just can't throw away scraps.  Everyone thinks I'm nuts, especially my sister.  I keep telling them I will make something wonderful out of these little bits and pieces.  I spent the last couple of days going through my 'scrap' bag and cutting 2 1/2" squares for a postage stamp quilt.  I'm thinking it's a wonderful idea  completely insane.  As I'm cutting these little scraps, I'm wondering how many 2 1/2" squares is it going to take to make a quilt... has anyone gotten one done?  I know it's been done, I think they look completely charming when finished.  Does it really take long to sew one together?  I can tell you it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to cut the little bits and pieces out of a scrap bag into 2 1/2" squares.  So tonight I will attempt to piece together a postage stamp quilt as I celebrate the 'Friday Night Sew In'.  I could use some wise words of encouragement.   I'm having a hard time imagining that this conglomeration of fabric will turn out to be a charming quilt top.  HELP!


  1. I think if you do a quilt 60 inches square, you will need 900 x 2 1/2 inch squares (30 x 30). Thats a lot of cutting.

  2. Every stich will be made by you! Nothing can be more priceless or rewarding as the efforts of making something with your own hands to be passed down from generation to generation! And I think I will join you in this effort if I may. I really need to get my scraps used up and need a break from the pattern scene.

  3. Yes, my dear sister,

    I do think your crazy! But, I also have a HUGE bag of scraps to feed your addiction... Be seeing you soon for quilt retreat..

  4. Update on the Postage Stamp Quilt... it takes 1496 2 1/2" sqaures to far. About a twin size... Still sewing rows together... Oh so charming so far, pat,pat, pat on the back. Not sure what to do for the border yet. I'm leaning towards a plain cream border with a 'colorful' binding. Happy quilting!