Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alvin McClure and Greenfield...

A row done on my Civil War Diary Quilt... whew... got two more blocks done today and I apologize for the delay in the posting... This weekend I worked on pages 30-33 in Rosemary Youngs book, The Civil War Diary Quilt. Let's start with the block named, Alvin McClure.  Reading this diary entry from Rachel Young King Anderson, was very sad.  I tried to google and find some additional info on Alvin or William McClure to share in this post but had no luck.

I decided to paper piece both blocks that I worked on today.  If you need a refresher coarse on paper piecing, I found this website helpful...

I used colors similar as pictured in the book, although my yellow isn't as bright.  I used more of a creamy color.  I am also yellow-phobic.

Here are my foundation papers all ready to go...

Here I am lining up my next color to be sewn...

Notice how I sew right on the seam line on the foundation paper and I sew pass the 1/4" seam lines. 

Trim the block leaving a 1/4" seam for sewing.

Sewing the 2 sections of the 'Alvin McClure' block together.

All done... again, my white blocks don't exactly look like the one pictured in the book... it is again a mirror image. 

So I move onto the 'Greenfield and Stockton' block... this looks like a very straight forward easy block.  All straight seams, no funny angles.  I did this block in colors similar to the book.

Here are the foundation papers that I printed up from Rosemary Youngs CD.  I wrote on the foundation paper colors so that I can stay on track with what colors go where...

As I worked on the block I noticed something! The book features the block made with four sections made with five strips.  The foundation paper I printed up from the companion CD is made up of sections with six strips.  In this picture I have the foundation paper I drew up from the book and the foundation paper that I printed up.  I think either block works well and still are pretty similar.  I decided to use Rosemary Youngs version from her CD.

So I pieced the block...

Greenfield and Stockton all done, but I managed to goof up the order in one of the sections.  I will probably redo it but in the famous words of Scarlet O'Hara... " I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow."
....if you have any questions or comments on any of the blocks I have been working on,
 feel free to email me at cindy

Remember to post your progress on the Civil War Diary Quilt Group on Flickr

Next Saturday I will be working on the final two blocks from Rachel Young King Anderson's section of the book.  'Sorrow' & 'Gloomy Prospects'

Happy quilting!

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