Monday, March 20, 2023


Easter is right around the corner, and I was thinking about all of the Easter egg hunts my sisters and I have done for our kids. Now that they are all grown up, I remember when they were little, and they would be happy just to find one egg and would be happy with that. You know the age; they are about two and don't quite get the concept of looking for more eggs. They are just happy with that one egg they found, and they toddle around happy with what they found. Well, this new design was inspired by that memory. It's a sweet little bunny just so happy that he found that one perfect Easter egg. This little fellow just makes me smile. Let me show you how easy this goes together.

I'm doing a little skipping ahead here... if you've done applique before, you know to trace all the design elements onto the paper side of the fusible web, iron it onto the backside of the fabric and then cut it out. So, we are jumping ahead to the layering the pieces onto your backing fabric following the layout sheet. Then iron these pieces in place. Then layer you backing, batting and applique top together. Pin. We are going to quilt our mug rug as we do the applique stitch around our design.

Then with white thread stitch a buttonhole stitch around the raw edges. Remember to stop with your needle down to pivot around corners.

I am going to use a backstitch on my machine to embroider the bunny's whiskers on. I practiced the stitch on a piece of scrap material before I stitched on my mug rug.

I've got half of the whiskers done... now on to the other side.

Using my walking foot, I do some additional quilting on my mug rug. I have been having fun with quilting wavy lines on my things lately. It's fun to do and looks nice when it's finished. After the quilting is done, bind your mini quilt.

~Egg Hunt~

I have my new little mini quilt, mug rug sitting on my coffee bar next to my new favorite mug. This design would also work on a tea towel, apron, really anything you think up. I hope that you have fun making your very own Egg Hunt mug rug and it brings back sweet springtime memories for you too!

Happy stitching,
Cindy and Josephine

This sweet design can be found in my Etsy Shop and on the Quilt Doodle Designs website.

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