Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Chester's Wagon Ride

Do you love Scotties? I sure think they are adorable!

Spring has arrived in Minnesota and it's the time of year that I think a lot about my grandma, she love flowers and to garden. My Blue Ribbon panel from Marcus Fabrics features a sweet dog and cat sitting in the flower garden. It's a great panel, it can be embroidered or left plain. In the Chester's Wagon Ride pattern, I left my panel plain for the sample. The quilt is a nostalgic design featuring a Scottie Dog block. The quilt is embellished with traditional quilting.

It a fun quilt to put together. I used Aunt Graces Apron by Judie Rothermel from Marcus Fabrics. I love working with reproduction fabrics. The blues remind me of my grandma's house dresses she used to wear on the farm. She always had a tissue tucked in her sleeve and a smile on her face. She lived thru the great depression and WWII. She saved everything from wrapping paper to tin foil. I smiled because I found myself washing a throw away tin loaf pan because the store had run out of them the last time I was there. Grandma would've washed it too.... 

Back to this sweet quilt, as I mentioned I used the Aunt Graces Apron fabric line from Marcus, but you could use any of the Aunt Grace fabrics. I'm fond of the red print with the Scottie design, just adorable and the inspiration for the Scottie block. The pattern for Chester's Wagon Ride is available on my 

As I work on the scottie dog block, I find it helpful to lay all of the elements out on my table so I know how to sew the block together. The quilt has two scottie dog blocks, facing in two directions. So remember don't make all your dogs looking in the same direction!

Isn't this just an adorable block. My dog just had to have a red bow tie!

There is a total of 16 star blocks in this quilt. I made 8 stars in two colorways but the stars can be made scrappier if you choose. 
~Chester's Wagon Ride~
I hope that you enjoy this quilt, it is a fun way to use the Blue Ribbon Panel. Over the next few days I will show you a few different things that I have done with this panel. Both the pattern and panel can be found on my Website or a quilt shop near you! I'm going to head outside now and plant some flowers.

Happy quilting!
Cindy and Belvedere


  1. Oh Cindy, that is just too sweet for words!

  2. I love this! I had the pleasure of being owned by a Scottie for many years. I want another but they are hard to find around me. I have to settle for things like this instead. I will be looking for that panel, that is for sure!
    Sandy A

  3. Just got my panel and will be embroidering during the summer heat--inside. Did you use bigger stitches on the wagon panel since it is so large? Or maybe thicker thread? Cutest panel ever! Also, will you be recommending stitches for each part?