Friday, March 29, 2019

Something Fun for Quilt Retreat

I'm taking the weekend to spend some time sewing with my mom and sisters. Since our favorite retreat has closed... (insert sobbing here) we really miss going but have been meeting at mom's house to do retreat. Mom has a great space downstairs and more than enough tables for us. We take turns cooking and love spending the time together! It's not always where you meet but who you gather with that makes it special! I like to put together a special favor  for my family so this time I decided to package a quilting challenge. One thing we miss is learning from other quilters who gather at retreat. Thinking about this, I put together a paper piecing mug rug kit for everyone. The kit includes paper piecing patterns all printed and ready to go, fabric, batting, backing and a diagram of the finished mug rug. I know that this will be a huge challenge since it's so different then regular piecing. Everything is backwards and there's no cutting fabrics to size. Paper piecing is like a puzzle with fabric and paper!

To make my kits I used my EQ program and drafted out a mini quilt for a mug rug and then printed out the foundation paper piecing blocks onto some thin paper for my kits. The kits are put together very different then how I would write a pattern. It's very basic, just the pattern pieces, a color chart, fabric and a finished mug rug diagram. I made my mug rug ahead of time so that there was a sample for everyone to look at.
Foundation paper piecing is normally number with the section you start with. So here I have my A1 fabric and A2 fabric right sides together on the back side of the foundation paper. I then will sew on the line using a small stitch. Remember to sew beyond the seam allowance area of the block.

See how your seam appears on the other side?

Here I am lining up a piece of fabric for the next area on the block section. My piece of fabric is much bigger then the paper section. I will trim all the excess away later.

Then I sew on the line, remembering to sew past the outer edges of the block. 

Then fold the paper back....

… and trim the fabric to a 1/4" seam.

When each section is done, trim away the excess paper and fabric cutting on the outer line...

The sew your sections together on the line...

I love how my little project turned out. It's broken down to three sections. There is a nine patch block which is perfect for teaching how to paper piece. After that section is done then there's the sewing machine block and the flying geese strip section. After the sections are done, I sewed them together, pulled off all the paper and then layered it with the backing and batting. I did some quilting on it and added the 'thread' . Which was just a quilted line in a contrasting color. I think it's a fun added detail. 

If I did it all again, I would change the direction of the sewing machine.... remember everything comes out as a mirror image when paper piecing. 
It's a great mug rug for in my sewing room. Just the right size.
Just think about what fun you could have putting together a little project for your quilting friends. It could be an applique pattern with what they'll need to make it all packaged in a pretty bag. Or how about a block instructions for a mini block that can be turned into a pin cushion. You could sweeten the deal with a piece of chocolate! It's also a great way to use up some of your stash and share with your quilting friends. 

Happy Quilting!
Cindy and Belvedere


  1. I recently went on retreat with my quilt guild. It was lovely. I think that mugrug is absolutely adorable! If there is any chance you could share it in some form (like selling it in your shop), I would definitely buy it. I LOVE to paperpiece. It is the vast majority of all my quilting. Thank you for sharing this with us, I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your family.

    1. I definitely agree with Jewell! I would be interested in buying the pattern to if you made it available. They would be great gifts for my sewing club!