Thursday, March 28, 2019

Little Bunny Butts....

What's cuter then a little baby's butt, well a bunny butt. Who can resist the cuteness of that fluffy cotton ball tail? I just had to draw one up to do heat n bond applique with. The bunnies usually play havoc with my garden so I have a bunny proof fence now. All of my perennials are bunny and deer proof so that I can enjoy the blooms too! But the bunnies have been known to dig up and eat my potted plants that I have on my deck.

To make the design, first trace out all of the pieces onto the heat n bond fusible interfacing. (Or what ever brand you like to use) Iron it onto your fabric.

Cut all of the shapes out. I did two sets of everything since I'm working on a couple of towels.

Arrange you pieces on your towel layering the different shapes as you go referring to the pattern placement sheet. Remember to peel all the paper off! With a hot, dry iron, fuse everything in place. I use white thread to stitch a button hole stitch around the bunny pieces and the Easter eggs. I used a dark brown thread to stitch around the flower pot.

~ Bunny Butt ~

I made my tea towel reversible! I have the bunny butt on one side and a couple of carrots on the other side. Isn't that fun! This design is great for all of springtime thru harvest!

~ Carrots~

The pattern for these cute little bunny butt with carrot can be found on Etsy.   These designs are quick and easy to make in an afternoon and Easter is right around the corner. Paired with a candle or some candy and you have a wonderful springtime gift for the Easter dinner hostess.

Happy quilting,
Cindy and Belvedere


  1. You are right. There is so much cuteness on your blog today.

  2. Sew enjoy popping into your blog!! :)

  3. I will use my Best quilting machine to make this. Thanks for sharing the idea.