Monday, March 18, 2019

Is it Spring Yet?

Fluffy Bunny Tea Towel
My snowmen around my house are starting to look a little out of place.  I'm starved for some color...splashes of spring here and there.  The problem is, I lack motivation to dig the bins out of my crawl space to make the big switch...

So I'm cheating a bit, I've pulled out my bunny tea towels and put them up in my kitchen.  Ahhhh pretty colors, even though there's still snow outside, I can smile at the cute bunnies in my kitchen. These designs are a couple of my first ones, I still love them!

Mr. Cottontail Applique Design on a tea towel...

Mrs. Cottontail
You can add my bunnies to your home too!  All of my patterns are available at Etsy  I have both PDF's and packaged patterns. 

 Happy quilting!
Cindy and Belvedere

Fluffy Bunny Table Runner 
finished size 17" x 38"

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  1. I completely understand! I love Valentine's but I do not even attempt to decorate. It is too soon after Christmas, by the time St. Patrick's Day and Easter roll around I am finally ready to put up new things. Cute bunny towels!