Saturday, January 20, 2018


Last night was Friday Night Sew In. I was so thrilled to see that it was still going on. Thank you Wendy for hosting!  I used to join Heidi when she ran it. I always found it to be a great time and I usually got something done that I had been planning to do. Last night was no exception.... I am a quilt pattern designer and my love is applique. I've had a couple of designs for mug rugs sitting on my table for months. I finally got around to making them up into mug rugs. I love making mug rugs. Let me share with you what I worked on.
Here are some of the pieces I had cut out...

I'm making a cute birthday cake design on a mug rug...

I used a cream variegated thread to blanket stitch around my design.

To add a little something special to my birthday mug rug, I am adding a free floating banner. I cut out tiny little flags out of scrap fabrics then I stitch them in place using a small zig zag stitch. I'm using baker's twine for the 'rope' for the banner. I tuck each flag under the twine as I sew everything in place. 

It's the same technique that I use for my Camper Celebration pattern.

About an hour into FNSI... this little fellow showed up and thought I should be done sewing. It's really hard to resist this sweet little face. I told him that mama wanted to sew some more. So he decided to lay on his pillow and sulk.

Here's my finished Birthday Mug Rug... I haven't named it yet, but it'll be showing up on the website and Etsy store soon... I love how it turned out.

My mug rugs usually run horizontal, but I thought I'd switch it up with my Latte Love design.

I'm all ready to stich... everything is ironed in place. I love this fabric but I'm not too sure about the color choices for this design....

I decided to use a brown thread to define the design better.

~Latte Love Mug Rug~
I plan on making another one and switching up the background color...
I had a great time sewing with you all last night.  I would have loved to sew a little more but Belvedere wasn't happy by the time I finished my second mug rug. He is so used to curling up on  my lap to watch tv at night that he wasn't happy with me sewing last night. I look forward to sewing along next month! Check out the FNSI button above for more details! Now I'm off to see what everyone else worked on.

Happy Quilting and have a great weekend.
Cindy and Belvedere


  1. Very cute! Love the pennants on the birthday cake mug rug. Such a neat idea!

    I would have had a really hard time saying "no" to that puppy face! Too cute!
    Sandy A

  2. Love your mug rugs! Poor Belvedere! Its a dogs life when Mums a stitcher lol!

  3. welcome to FNSI .
    Love your mug rug and Belvedere is very cute....

  4. I love your mug rugs and can hardly wait to add these two to my Cindy Mug Rugs ...

  5. Your mug rugs are so cute. Not sure how you can resist Belvedere when he needs a lap. You must have incredible will power! Hahaha!

  6. Great work Cindy, love your designs. xx

  7. Hi Cindy. I'm glad you had such a productive evening. Your birthday cake design would make a super birthday card for friends and family. I too would swap out the background in the latte design for a little less competition. Easy mor me to say, as I couldn't begin to design the lovely things you do. Thanks

  8. Such a beautiful cake and banners! That face on it!