Sunday, October 22, 2017

UFO Update....

My easy roll wasn't so easy....I have failed miserably with my UFO challenge. OMG this is hard to do! I am sidetracked by all the pretty fabric in my sewing room. I'm easily distracted to say the least! I hope that you did better then I. I did accomplish some items, just not my Confetti Quilt... I did get two UFO's off to Stacy to quilt, but they're not on the list. But alas, that means I will have to take the time to bind them when they return. I made some adorable Halloween items though... but none of these were on my list... So darn, I'm still stuck on my #3 item... maybe I will be able to celebrate next month! Do you want to join me with my UFO challenge? Well here's what you need to do... Print up the handy dandy UFO sheet I have made for you. (It can be found on my website under my Quilting Fun Tab on the Quilt Doodle Website. (Click on the 'My List of UFO's' next to the UFO graphic and then you can print off your UFO sheet to fill in.) Then fill in the spaces with six of your UFO's. Grab a dice and roll it..... then that's the project you get to work on for the next month! It's a great idea, and I'm going to try to do a better job this next month!

Let me know in the comments if you got a project done. I will celebrate your success with a virtual happy dance! Belvedere will probably do his best 'Ro- ro- rooooooo' for you too!

Have a great day stitching,


  1. I worked on some UFOs, but didn't even get my sheet filled out. So you did way better than me....:) :)

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  3. I love your puppy!! I have three bassets: Beauxregard, Ruby Begonia and Ellie Mae.

  4. Hi Cindy, I took a class with Valli Schiller at a MQX show in September on the confetti quilt. I've been working on it a few days a week and have 100 blocks done, just 300 more to go! I'm determined to get this done before tackling anything else. My hubby has stopped me twice or mending projects (no big deal) and to make him a new Halloween shirt (really big time consuming deal).

    I didn't print out the sheet, no printer, but the confetti quilt was the easiest to gather up and cutting up scraps is pure joy. So, this will probably be a two month adventure for me also.

  5. I started the UFO challenge at the start of the year, but with moving and other life issues I could not continue past April. I like this idea as it's only monthly 😊