Friday, July 21, 2017

Laundry Day

I love this quilt, I call it Laundry Day because for one reason or another it reminds me of grandma and fresh laundry. There is nothing better then the fresh smell of clothes just in from the clothesline. Oh that fresh, crisp smell. It's snuggly and wonderful....

I gave the original quilt to my sister for her birthday a few years ago. It dawned on me I need to make another one for my trunk show. I also need one just for myself too! It's a quick and easy weekend quilt. It's a lovely lap quilt size. I featured 'dot' fabric while making this quilt. I have to admit, I'm a dot-o-phobic... sorta scared to buy dot fabric, use dot fabric.  I dug around in my fabric and found a fabulous collection of scraps that I actually bought on Etsy, there were some wonderful dot fabrics included.  I've been saving this fabric to make a quilt.... so I came up with this fun quilt square which is quick and easy to put together.  I hope that you enjoy my quilt.  The pattern for my quilt can be found on Etsy and Craftsy.... I have called it 'Laundry Day'.... the colors are fresh and bright, like clean laundry hanging on the clothes line.

Here is one of my blocks for my quilt.... it measures 12 1/2" (this includes seam allowance) I really like the green dot fabric.
Then there is this block with the blue dot fabric.... love this one too!
"What..... why can't I lay  down here?" A silly picture of Wilson
from years ago when I originally put this quilt together.
Here is a section of my "Laundry Day" quilt with my Dot blocks...
Here is 'Laundry Day' laided out on my kitchen table, all ready to be pinned for quilting....

Lime green with white dots...... I had so much fun free motion quilting!

A funky flower dot.....

More lime green....

A fun lime green and pink dot fabric!

Well, as a recovering Dot-a-phobic.... I quilted 'dots' too!  It was a lot of fun to do.

The finished quilt!
'Laundry Day'
44" x 56"
This is one of my favorite go to patterns because is whips together pretty quickly. It's scrap fabric friendly, plays well with jelly rolls and layer cakes. My quilts featured 'dot' fabrics, but this quilt is adorable in any fabric. Moda's Bonnie and Camille would be wonderful made up with this pattern too. This pattern could be easily adapted to make a bigger quilt by doubling the amount of fabric and make a quilt that would be 4 x 6 squares. You could even make a matching table runner for a dresser by just making 3 blocks in a row. Wouldn't that be cute for a guest bedroom. 
'Laundry Day' can be found HERE and HERE
Happy quilting and perfect stitches to you! 


  1. pretty quilt. LOL our cat is like Wilson. Mom plays with fabric all the time why cant I play also?
    quilting dash lady at Comcast dot net

  2. cute quilt. Like the sweet color combos. reminds me of one of the quilts we had growing up

  3. It looks really wonderful, and good to know it's fast. I love the name. ;) Thanks for highlighting it.