Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February's Blocks, A Cute Puppy and Chicken!

This month are a couple of cute blocks, a puppy and chicken. I can't even count how many dogs my grandparents had over the years while all of us were growing up. I can say my least favorite dog was Barney, a St. Bernard. Barney was a sweet dog and I probably would have loved him if we would have started out on a better foot. Here's my version of the story.... Imagine a thirteen year old who, well was a typical thirteen year old girl, fussy about her hair and outfits. When I first met Barney he was all excited to greet a car full of kids. I'm sure he saw our arrival as a litter of playmates. Being the oldest, I was the first one out of the car... it had rained... it's the farm.... mud everywhere... mud puddles EVERYWHERE....  I'm foolishly wearing all white.... I was styling the hippest 70's look not realizing that I would be greeted by a two hundred pound bundle of love and mud.... everyone had a pretty good laugh as I stomped my way into the house full of paw prints the size of my head. I do think of Barney fondly now, I'm sure he was a sweet dog. I don't remember chickens on grandma and grandpa's farm, but my mom talks about when they had chickens when she was a little girl. I love farm fresh eggs! My sister in law has chickens on her farm and it's always a treat to get a dozen of eggs from her. Someday I would love to have a few chickens. Just love them!

This year's BOM is a very traditional design using 1930's fabrics. These fabrics remind me so much of grandma and her cotton dresses. I hope that you have fun with this pattern. February's pattern is chock full of info. You will get the directions on how to make the Dresden plate block. Feel free to make all 12 Dresden circles if you would like. The left over fabric from the Dresden Blades will be used for the applique designs. Remember the blocks are set on point. The supply list can be found on my website along with this month's directions. February's directions are only FREE this month, then after that they will be found on my Etsy site for a small fee. You can also find the directions in my Craftsy Shop too. So let's get started....

Using the blade template cut 1 blade for each fabric.
16 different fabrics total for each block.
You will make 12 blocks all together for this quilt.
Fold the blade in half lengthwise, right sides together and sew a quarter inch seam along the short straight edge (Top edge). This will form the 'point' when you turn it right side out.

Here I have all my blades pressed for one block.

Sew your blades together in pairs, right sides together. Continue to sew blades together along the long side until you form a 16 section plate.

I love the scrappiness of this 'plate'.

I ironed the circle in half, then in half again. And one more time so that I have 'markers' for lining up my circle with my plate section.

I line the seam up with the folded marking and ease my circle and plate section together.
I hold it all together with pins. A lot of pins...
I sew the two together with a 1/4" seam.

The center is the perfect spot for an applique!
When tracing your shapes onto your heat n bond, group the same colors together.
Also remember the shapes appear reversed until you iron them onto your fabric.

Use the pattern placement drawing to lay your pieces onto
the fabric circle. Remember some of the pieces overlap.

This puppy is so adorable when done! Reminds me of a
friendly golden lab! (Doesn't really look like a Barney)

Chicken is adorable sitting on her nest... wonder if she has any eggs for me!
I made my chicken blue, what color will your chicken be?

I have not appliqued my Dresden plates onto my 12 1/2" white squares yet.
Patterns can be found on the Quilt Doodle website and on Craftsy (Not until the 1st of the month):
Fat Quarter bundles of 16 fat quarters are available in my Etsy store to get you started.
Tag me on Instagram with your photos #quiltdoodledesignsBOM2017 #quiltdoodledesigns @quiltdoodles
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's little puppies and chickens.

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Thank you!!!

          Let’s have some quilty fun!
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  1. Two of my favorite animals...dogs and chickens! Thanks!

  2. these are so adorable. I love that chicken. Living on the farm, we had chickens we ate (so we only fed and took care of them) and then we had chickens that were more like pets that we named and spent time with. LOL. I love your blue fabric for your chicken. Thank you for showing how to make a Dresden.

  3. I so love all your quilts and have quite a few. Thank you for all your hard work and sharing it with all of us.

  4. I love that puppy!

    Thanks so much for this BOM. Love Dresden Plates, and the applique centers are a great idea.

    B from Canada

  5. Thank you. I really like that chicken.

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