Saturday, December 17, 2016

Wilson's Sweater

So when does inspiration hit? Not month's before Christmas but, a week before. I have been busy doodling away on some new designs for Christmas and it was all due to Wilson. Thank you Wilson. My poor puppy hasn't been feeling all that great lately. He's been to the vet and has been taking some meds but still not sure what's going on with him. Apparently when I'm worried, I also doodle. I can never tell when ideas will pop in my head. It's never a great time, two in the morning, driving to work, while at work or at home when I should be getting the house ready for Christmas. So I will be sharing some last minute projects with you this week. Starting today. Some adorable cuteness for the Christmas season. Thank you Wilson for looking so handsome in your sweater and keeping me company as I stitched away last night. You sparked my imagination!

Wilson is all decked out in his Christmas sweater and all ready to go for a walk outside!

Happy Holidays!
I'm off to wrapped some gifts.... I'm so far behind.



  1. Sew cute! I hope Wilson feels better soon.

  2. Sorry Wilson is under the weather so to speak--
    here's prayers that he will soon be his old self--
    love the new design--
    love and laughter and Happy Holidays, di

  3. Poor Wilson, I hope he feels better. Love the appliqué, that is so fun and makes me smile.


  4. this is so cute. sure hope he feels better soon and they can figure out what the deal is.

  5. This is so cute of Wilson. I'm so sorry to hear he's not feeling well. That's hard on both of you. Prayers for comfort and that he feels better soon. Merry Christmas to the both of you and the rest of your sweet family.