Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Card Frame Holder

I'm all excited about my DIY Christmas Card holder. I usually drape our cards across our pantry doors like a big swag hung on ribbons. This year I wanted to do something different. I get a ton of photo cards and love putting the pictures on display during the holidays. So off to the craft store I went this afternoon to gather supplies. It would have been an inexpensive project had I stayed with the list, but I bought a few thousand other things too! (I have big decorating plans)

I bought some twine and cute mini clothespins...

My oldest son left this huge frame... it's something he used for
his photo booth as a prop.... since it was left at my house I consider
it fair game.  Any big frame will do... I like the idea of repurposing something
that has just been laying around collecting dust in my basement.
I strung lengths of twine across the width of the frame and attached it on the back.
I used mini clothes pins to attach cards. I've only gotten one card so far....
I also wrapped some copper light string around the frame. I thought it was a
nice added touch.

I was going to take my Art To Heart quilt down and hang my frame above the buffet in the dining room, but I decided to 'lean' it against the quilt on top of my buffet. I think it looks cozy with the quilt peaking behind.

My sisters card is the first to arrive! I think it's adorable hanging on
my Christmas Card holder.
I am planning a busy weekend decorating the house for the holidays. I'm trying a few new ideas and switching things up a bit. A lot of my friends already have their houses all decked out. I'll be lucky to get it all done by Christmas Eve!

Hope you're having fun getting ready for the holidays too!