Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Grinch Cookies

Are you looking for a quick and easy Christmas cookie to whip up? This is the cookie for you! These take no time at all and chances are you already have the ingredients in your pantry to make them. These are fun and festive and oh so yummy!

 The dough is a bright festive green color when you mix it up.

I use a small ice cream scoop to form the balls of dough and plop them
into the powdered sugar mixture. It's a real time saver and all of your
cookies will be perfectly the same size!

 I boxed my cookies up in some pretty window boxes that I got from Hobby Lobby. All ready to pass out to family and friends.
Merry Christmas!
Happy baking,


  1. What fun! Thank you for the recipe....

  2. I made these cookies last year. Mine did not come out as nice as yours. My cookies did not stay in balls but spread flat. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. cool!! This will be my first recipe pinned to a new Pinterest board.
    Merry Christmas and thank you for being a blog buddy.