Monday, December 15, 2014

Nutter Butter Santas

I'm always looking for fun cookies that just need assembling.  I've had this picture from Pinterest for two years for these adorable little santas made out of Nutter Butters. Last year I wanted to make them and when I went to the store to buy my cookie making supplies, I found that there wasn't a package of Nutter Butters to be found! Not one package, not even any generic ones! No Nutter Butter Santas. I pouted like a Cindy Lou Who. I really love Nutter Butters. So when I found Nutter Butters this year I was thrilled. (Beyond thrilled, imagine a middle aged woman doing the happy dance hugging her bag of Nutter Butters in the cookie isle at Erdman's Grocery Store.) This was a fun cookie to make. It's also something that can easily be made with some little ones help.

Santa is sure to love these cookies when he finds them waiting by his glass of milk Christmas Eve. 

Happy Holidays,

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