Saturday, April 26, 2014


My sewing buddyMy poor Wilson is or has lost his sight... we are very sad at our home. A recent visit to the vet for some routine grooming confirmed what we sorta all ready knew... Wilson is losing his sight. He's not very old... We were hoping that it was just his fur in the way of his eyes, but it wasn't. I realized how bad his sight was when I brought him home from the vet.... he didn't know he was home and was bumping into everything. As soon as I pointed out to him where his dog dishes were, then it's like things clicked and his mental map of the house was in place again. I have been crying on and off about it all week. I am so sad that he's unable to watch the birds at the feeders anymore. It explains why he hasn't been camped out at his favorite window lately. With our long cold winter here, we haven't gone to the dog park. Now it breaks my heart that he won't be able to chase the birds out of the tall grass along the pond anymore. I don't think I dare let him off his leash again. Now that I know Wilson needs verbal cues, I have become his seeing eye person. I've changed up playing catch with a tennis ball to throwing a loud, rattly toys that he can follow the sound.  Wilson has another vet visit scheduled for Wednesday to test him to find out what caused his eyesight loss. (So here comes the shameless begging...) By buying any Wilson pattern, all proceeds will go to his vet bill which I'm guessing from the initial estimates will be a big chunk of cash.

Wilson and I thank you in advance for considering a pattern purchase to help defray the cost of his vet bills.

'Roo, roo, roo'  Thank you!
and Wilson too!


  1. poor wilson, he looks so cute !

    I just bought the penguin mug rug pattern pdf for him

  2. I just bought Wilson's Mug Rug. It's not much, but I hope it helps!

    xo Linda Give Wilson a hug for me

    1. I scritched Wilson's ears for you and he roo-rooed a Thank you! Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated! :)

  3. My dog is now blind but she does very well in the house and outside on her normal neighborhood routes. It seems to be very helpful to her that we talk to her a lot so she can tell where we are. Yes, I'm her seeing eye person now and try to keep her safe outside and use a short lease. She doesn't like to be out in the wind or at night but of course she has to have some nighttime bathroom breaks.
    As Wilson adjusts, so will you.
    Feel free to contact me if you would like.

  4. What breed is he, he looks a cutie,a terrior?

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about Wilson's loss of sight. My dog lost his sight just as we were moving (he was older though) and he never made the adjustment to our new home. I will look for a pattern to help Wilson out - they're all so cute!

  6. I know it's really hard now, but I have always rooted for & been drawn to the underdog. We've dealt with numerous animals with disability, injuries or illness and even when we've had a sad ending, we realize that they have actually enriched our lives, increased the size of our hearts immeasurably, and have taught us so much. How to be strong, how to persevere, how not to give up and feel sorry for ourselves. Wilson is fortunate that he has you, your love, and understanding...but even more, you are lucky to have him. He will help you to see in new ways. The mother of my sons little dachshund was born blind...she plays fetch up and down the hallway with noisy toys like you spoke of. She probably should never have been bred, but she was, she was an amazing little Mama who knew where her babies were at all times and fussed if one of them was picked up and away from her. She travels to barrel racing events with her mistress and is loved by all who meet her. Pretty great life if you ask me.

  7. My heart goes out to you. I'm so sorry Wilson has to deal with this challenge. My Bridget had to deal with blindness for awhile. It was tricky being eyes for her. I think I already have all of the Wilson patterns... They are favorites but I will sure shop through some of the others. Your designs are very fun.
    Hugs to you and sweet Wilson! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. poor lad x My brother has a cocker spaniel who is blind and they have balls with bells in that he loves to "find" x one of my dogs has a cateract and we are careful to not sneak up on his blind side x so it .. hopefully .. is not all bad x

  9. So tough for you and Wilson...sorry! I've got a friend with a blind boxer who lost her sight before she was two years old. It was quite an adjustment but she's made it through and is such a sweet dog. Wilson's lucky to have you as her guide.

  10. Hi there,
    I had a schnauzer/cocker mix who went blind due to diabetes. We met with a vet from Michigan State to see how we should handle the situation. We live on 1 1/2 acres with a fenced back yard. She told us to put him on his leash and start a routine for 45 days through the back yard. They train themselves by the smells, after our training period he was able to go out by himself exploring, we have a deck and he was able to manouver the steps as well. It was amazing!
    I own a online quilt store I will look through your patterns maybe we can offer them on our website and share his story.

    I hope this helps,

  11. I bought a mug rug for Wilson! I have an old boy with arthritis and failing eyes, and it's hard to watch him struggle at times. Dogs are amazing. They adapt, they accept and they stay happy. Wilson will do the best he can and so will you. Thanks for the cute pattern!

  12. Hey Wilson-
    I bought a couple of your patterns; I hope all goes well with the next with the next vet visit. We have a blind and deaf shepherd mix and she has learned to adapt to it all. She can smell food a mile away. Tell your mom all is going to be well.

  13. Our pets are such a big part of our lives. When they hurt, we hurt right along with them. My prayers go out to you both. Wilson looks like such a sweet companion. I prayer everything turns out for the best for both of you.

  14. Aaww, poor Wilson! I see some of the other commenters have tips on how to deal with a blind dog.