Friday, June 14, 2013

Pumpkinberry Stitches...The Next Shop

While in Lake City, our very nice driver told us about a lovely shop that was just down the street from "I'd Rather Bee Quilting". A bonus shop not on the shop hop list! We were thrilled and walked over to "Pumpkinberry Stitches". 
Pumpkinberry Stitches
108 E. Lyon Ave., Lake City, Minnesota
As soon as I walked in the front door, it was love at first sight, such a cute shop. You can see my mom shopping.... shhhhh.... she's the gal in the blue jacket. 
Another cute view of  Pumpkinberry Stitches.

Loved this!!!

Lisa, the owner was awesome and did two quick demos for us! This little quilt is called X's and O's... so cute! Hug's and  kisses!

To make the block.... you use 1 ~ 5" block (cute print) and then two 2 1/2" block  cut out of white or some neutral fabric. You line the small blocks on opposite corners (right sides facing) and sew corner to corner, trim, iron. You then have the block that is pictured above.

Then you make a bunch of blocks and then lay them out to form the X's and O's.
So simple and oh so cute!

Then she showed us how to make the disappearing 9-patch. I have seen this block  featured on different blogs as a finished quilt, but never have seen a demo on how to make the block. So fun! Another great way to use up your fabric stash! As you can see... you first construct a 9-patch block. Lisa suggested that you always use the same fabric for the center block and the 'middle' blocks. She only switched up the 'corners' of the block. Then you cut the block in half, then in half again to form 4 smaller blocks...

Then the fun begins! Here's one arrangement....

This is cute too....

and another......
Isn't this quilt beautiful! Thank you for the wonderful demos!!!

So back on the bus.... on to the next shop....

While on the bus a wrote some notes on how to make the 'Hug's and Kisses' quilt on my bag from Pumpkinberry Stitches.
The demo totally sold me on purchasing some charm squares. Pumpkinberry  had a great 'bin' of charm squares and you get to dig through and pick and choose your charms. Love it!!! I found these great squares! I'm planning on making a X's and O's quilt (Hugs and Kisses) using these charms and mixing them with some fabric I already have in my stash.
The next time you are in the Minnesota, Lake City area, stop by 'Pumpkinberry Stitches'. It's an adorable shop! Pumpkinberry also has an Etsy Shop! So grab a cup of coffee and check out her shop.

I still have more pictures to share and two more shops to tell you about! It was such a fun bus trip! But right now, I'm off to plant some Hostas in the garden. Not all of them survived the winter, (or the deer). The sun is shining!  Hope you have a great day and find some time to quilt.

Happy Quilting,


  1. Oh my gosh ! Thank you so much for your kind words about my shop !

  2. What a bonus stop. Good bus driver.