Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Day Of Gardening...

It has been a day of gardening while my husband strips wallpaper off the mud room walls. My youngest is graduating this year, providing he passes this one class... he's keeping us in suspense... gotta love him. As I plan everything to be in his school colors, I'm hoping he's turning in his late work. Yesterday I got his senior poster done and his Grad announcement/invitations ready to be ordered from Shutterfly. I feel like I'm somewhat organized. Today was the perfect day to relax and garden.

I've always wanted to make a terrarium. This was a lot of fun to put
together. Yup, that's 'Sandy' from Sponge Bob.... I  couldn't
resist putting it in the bowl. It made me chuckle....

Another look at my succulent arrangement.

The view from above....

I also replanted my pineapple plant into a larger pot.

I planted this planter for outside on my deck.  Red and White.... red impatiens and Diamond Frost.
I think it'll look nice once it fills in a bit.

I know it looks sparse right now. I'm hoping it will fill in and look beautiful by
June 29th, when we are having Thomas' open house.
I found this on Pinterest.... this is what I'm hoping my red and white pots will look like....

The only pot that doesn't look goofy is this lovely
Martha Washington Geranium that I got from my
mom and dad on Mother's Day. My dad made the birdhouse
for me many years ago. Many wrens have raised babies in it.
I hope that you are having a wonderful day and finding some time to relax...

Happy quilting  Gardening,

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Love the terrarium.