Wednesday, December 26, 2012

BOM Updates...

I have a few updates for the block of the month club!  I am so looking forward to the 1st of the month so that I can present to you the first block! 
First let me tell you I have struggling with making a grab text box for the BOM club.  I think I finally got it right!  So if you grabbed the button right away, the link doesn't work.  I apologize for it not working.... it's working now.... please grab the NEW text, it's posted on the sidebar. I can't even tell you how many tutorials I've read and how many times I redid the code.  All of the moaning, complaining and screaming you heard over the last few days, well it was me! I'm really close to needing the padded room with the special jacket, an added trampoline would be fun too.... (Please do email me if the link still isn't working. I need to figure the tech stuff out!)
There's a flicker group!  Please join...Every month post photos of your Quilt Doodle BOM finishes in the BOM flicker group for a chance to win that month's prize!
There have been many questions about fabric. My sketch is done in 6 different fabrics for the blocks (combo of 1 light and the rest med to dark fabrics), two additional contrasting fabrics for the sashing, cornerstones and border pieces. You can make it as scrappy or 'organized' as you want. 
 Here's the fabric stash I will be working with for the blocks.... all of my fabrics coordinate and I will be using more than 6... I want it to look scrappy. After looking at my photo, I will be adding another dark brown maybe another red and gold too.
You can grab fabrics from your stash or use a fat quarter bundle.... it's totally up to you! Remember, you can add coordinating fabrics as you go.  Your sashing and cornerstones will frame your blocks and pull it all together for you in the end. It will be so much fun to see every one's creations!
A new block will be posted the 1st of each month.  For those of you that I know are following and doing this I will email you when a new block comes out.  Otherwise, I have created a page on my blog that will list all of the information as it is posted.  If you regularly follow the Doodle Blog you will be able to easily follow along too.  If you want a reminder email.... feel free to email me and let me know, I will add you to the monthly reminder list.
I hope that this answers some of your questions... email me anytime!
Happy quilting,


  1. Do you have these available in pdf download?

  2. I never quite found a way to email you on the birdy blog page. I do love your patterns though, can I get the patterns for the bom?