Saturday, September 22, 2012

The FNSI That Wasn't....

Well, it was the FNSI that wasn't.... who knew that my husband would take my hoarding comments to heart.  You see, he has tons of computer/electronics laying here and there around the house.  He really isn't a hoarder, he just has tons computer parts, he's a geek.  A true geek.... well, the computer graveyard that has been residing in my sewing room has disappeared. But who knew that the cleaning bug would hit my hubby yesterday!  I came home from work to find him rummaging through my sewing room, piling up the computer parts to go to the 'electronics dump' today.  So I had to go with it... accept that FNSI wasn't going to happen.  But the trade off was regaining my space under my counter top in my studio.  An awesome trade! I will celebrate FNSI tonight, Saturday night. 

I also get to announce winners for my giveaway for the Dots on Dots Blog hop!  I have so much fun spreading the love and having giveaways! Wilson picked these two names out of the hat....
who left this sweet comment...
"I am HOPPING.. What a cute quilt.. why do animals have to sit on what we are doing, My little dog sits on my sewing machine if it gets to late.. LOL ,..."

sew.darn.quiltWho left this sweet comment....
"WOW!! I'll say you got over your phobia! Laundry Day is good, clean fun and so fresh too! Congratulations!!
My phobia, curves and circles. Not too sure how to tackle those just yet. ;)"

The lucky winners won a PDF copy of Laundry Day!
You can purchase Laundry Day on my Craftsy and Etsy stores.
It's available as a PDF or packaged pattern, your choice!
I also want to thank everyone who took the time to visit my blog.  I appreciate all of you! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments.  I read them all and try my best to answer everyone.  I'll be participating in the 'Leafs Me Happy' blog hop next.  After that I will be a guest designer for the Glorious Autumn Block party.  (I have an awesome giveaway lined up!  Can't wait to tell you!) Mark October 16th on your calendars! October will be a fun, busy month!  I then will be offering some Halloween fun at the 'Wicked' Blog Hop and also 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' blog hop.  Lots of treats for the month of October!

Happy quilting!


  1. Congrats to the winners! I think when you get a man in the mood to clean and get rid of "stuff" you absolutely have to take advantage of it!

  2. I love this pattern, Cindy! Can't wait to hit my stash and start pulling fabrics! Thank you sew much. =D

  3. Yay for more space. I totally know what the computer part hoarding is like. My hubby does the same thing, but thankfully, we've got a garage and an attic now, so he can fill them up and not encroach on my space.

    Did you notice that the rules for FNSI got changed, so now you have the whole weekend to sew and have to put your post up on Sunday? It's in the blog on the announcement for the winner of last month's FNSI, I think. Just a heads-up for next time life happens. ;)