Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tabby Face Block Lotto!

How would you like to win a pile of Tabby Face blocks made by quilters from all over the world?  I sure think it would be fun!  So I have been making some sweet little tabby faces to enter in the lotto.  Wilson is a tad bit jealous of the cute kitties that I have been making.  He's been snorting and pouting as I sew along.  Silly dog.... Jennifer's pattern is so fun to paper piece. She is offering her sweet little Tabby Face pattern free to use for the lotto, it can be found on the Tabby Face Block Lotto link.  Would you like to get involved too?  Tabby Face Block Lotto info can be found HERE You have until October 1st, Jennifer at Sewhooked needs to have the blocks by October 1st.

I have a sweet litter of kittens ready to be mailed to Jennifer.  They are a cute bunch of furry friends.  It would be so much fun to win the Tabby Face Block Lotto......I've grown attached to these little sweeties but I know they will go to a good home if I don't win and make a bunch of new friends from all over the world. 
Happy quilting and perfect stitches to you!


  1. They are sew cute! I tried to get information by your go here button and Jennifer's Sew Hooked, but Safari can find server. Help please.

  2. I have a young friend who would love something made with a block like this. =) Totally adorable!!