Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mud Hole

I took some liberty and skipped the next block in the book, 'Sad Fate' and worked on 'Mud Hole'.  I will get back to the other block.  'Mud Hole' seemed like a good block to work on today.  It's a rainy wet day here in Minnesota.  I work at the greenhouse this afternoon and I'm sure I will feel like I'm in a 'Mud Hole' today.  This block is such an easy block to do and would make a lovely quilt or table runner if used solely.  I've never done a pineapple style block so I particularly enjoyed making this one.  I've forgotten how much I love to do log cabin blocks.  The pineapple block is a variation of a log cabin. So here is how I completed 'Mud Hole' from Rosemary Youngs book, 'The Civil War Diary Quilt'.
Here are my fabric choices for the block.  I actually had the same green in my Civil War Stash that Rosemary uses for her block.

I cut my fabric into strips and write the colors on my foundation paper which I printed up using Rosemary's CD.  Makes working on these blocks so much easier!

Sewing on the line.....

Only a couple more rows to go... this block is constructed from the inside - out....

Mud Hole
July 3, 1864
Remember to post you Civil War Saturday blocks on the flickr group!  I love to see photos.  Rosemary has a new book out.  'The Civil War Anniversary Quilt'  There is also a companion CD available which I highly recommend if you buy the book.  Both items are on my list of things to get.  They looks wonderful and I would recommend the book even before I have a copy myself!  I have heard good things about it so far.  You can order her book through her website.

Happy quilting and perfect stitches to you,


  1. Youe block is awesome and also your fabric!

  2. I am inviting you to come and be part of my blog hop:

  3. Very Cute! Makes me want to start quilting again!

  4. Hi, I made this exact same block almost a month ago, have a look I enjoyed using the foundation piecing method, makes the finished result look perfect!