Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Dash Quilt....

"Christmas Dash Quilt"
I have been working on a quilt, a traditional quilt.  I wanted it to be a 5 yard quilt, but alas, I'm 1 1/2" over on one of the fabrics!  You need 37 1/2" of yardage in the cream.... aaarrrrgggg!  Well, it's still a fun pattern but can't be considered a 5 yard quilt.  Close but no cookie, if you have a quilt shop that cuts your fabric generously, then it's a 5 yarder.  Love the size, 56" x 68", a great quilt for a family room, guest room, or as a gift.  It can be easily pieced in a weekend.  It's a dash to make!  I made mine using "Spirit of Christmas" from Marcus Brothers.  But you could use any five fabrics.... You can also make it scrappy using whatever fabric you have on hand.  I got mine pieced together in an afternoon and then sent it off to Mimi's Quilting Cottage. Stacy does a fantastic job quilting!

Here's a picture of my quilt that Stacy took in her studio.  She did an overall design on the quilt, it turned out very nicely.
How about making Christmas Dash using Batik fabrics!  An 'Island Dash Quilt'!

1930's fabrics would make a colorful quilt, 'Grandma's Dash Quilt'
I hope that you have fun with 'Christmas Dash'.  I'm thinking of making a scrappy version using fabric from my stash. 
Happy quilting and perfect stitches to you,


  1. fun fun! I just did a 5 yd quilt too, but used 4 for the front and 1 for the backing, and part of one front fabric was also binding.
    (my blog is down today- big mess- but check it later) yours look lovely

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