Monday, March 26, 2012

Bear Tracks... It's quilted!

I love the quilted bear design...
 Woot hoo!  Look what came in the mail today!  Bear Tracks is all quilted!  Yes, I sorta cheated and had it quilted by Mimi's Quilting Cottage.  Stacy does such a wonderful job, I will recommend her work for your quilting needs.  I love the bear and tree design that she used all over the quilt, a few bear paws too.  Love it! Well now that Bear Tracks is quilted it's time for me to take pictures and make the pattern available to you!  I love this quilt, my boys even like this quilt!  I made my quilt using Primo Plaids from Marcus Brothers, yummy, yummy flannel.  It's such a cozy quilt!  It can be made out of flannels or cotton fabrics, it's up to you!

Meg's test quilt using fabric she had on hand...
Meg then made this one!  I love it, she added a 5th color (gold) into the blocks... very nice quilt!

I am so thankful to Meg, who tested my newest pattern.  You rock Meg!  She made the quilt twice!  I am humbled to see Bear Tracks made.  Thank you Meg!

Here is Bear Tracks using Primo Plaids from Marcus Brothers.  In the pattern the outer border will be all the same fabric, I had to piece together pieces and parts using the fabric I had left from what Marcus Brother sent me.  It turned out fine, has sorta a scrappy cabin look....
If you would like to make Bear Tracks, the pattern is available at my Etsy Store and on Craftsy

Happy quilting and perfect stitches to you!


  1. Holy cow, you posted that quickly! lol! I loved how easy and quickly these blocks come together. HIGHLY recommend this pattern!

  2. An inviting quilt with all those warm fabrics.

  3. Beautiful pattern, and thanks for showing it in several different colorways! Whoop whoop!!