Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wisconsin Quilt Retreat

So we were off to Pins n' Needles Quilt Shop in St. Croix Falls Wisconsin.  I really didn't know what to expect or even how much to pack.  The retreat center is located above the quilt store.  Very dangerous for a quilt addict with a credit card, and then there's peer pressure.....I'm hoping that by burying myself with tons of projects I will be able to resist the peer pressure.  In high hopes here's the list of projects that were packed  in my bin bins:

6 towels to applique new designs on

Postage stamp quilt from FNSI to bind

 Charm packs from Windham Fabric's 'Sloane' by designer Anna Griffin and
Moda's 'Giddy' designed by Sandy Gervais
(I am sooooooo inspired by my niece's pillows, I want to make some)

My Batik Spinning Pinwheels Quilt all ready pinned to be quilted

Civil War Diary Quilt bin full of fabric and foundation papers along with the book

Spooky fabric and seam binding to make a Halloween Bunting....

(Because not all trees wear skirts....)

Messenger bag pattern and fabric

Pins & Needles Quilt Shop and Retreat Center was about a two hour drive for me after and picked up my mom and sister, Laura. We filled my F150 up.... completely. We were ready to move into the retreat center. You would have thought we packed for a week or so, but we are hard core quilters. We need to be prepared for anything! (Even though we were located above the quilt shop)

Here is the entrance to the Lamb's Inn Quilt Retreat... it's above the actual quilt shop which on the other side of this building is a quaint Main Street and lovely store front.  Darn I wish I took a picture.  St.Croix Wisconsin is a wonderful town.

Here we are!  In back: Kathy (mom), Laura (sister).  In front: Kim, Cindy (me) and Linda.
Taking the picture is Kim's mom

Love this wall.... want to do this in my own studio!

Love this too....

After unpacking, and taking our group photo, we decided to check out the quilt shop.... which is just beyond this door...

Entering the shop, oh how cute! 

Pins and Needles Quilt Shop has all sorts of fun fabrics and a full line of notions.  The staff was wonderful.

Laura's thrilled....

Kim and Linda are enjoying the patterns.  Kim & Laura found an adorable kit for a 10 minute table runner, but in miniature!

Oh no!  My machine fell on the wicked witch of the East! 

I made four messenger bags after I settled into my sewing space.  It was a challenge to find spots for everything.  I ended up storing my bins in the over sized bathroom.  I'm in love with this pattern, it was so quick and easy.  Four Christmas gifts done!

Then I decided to make my binding for my postage stamp quilt.  Many of you have seen me work on this quilt during the FNSI.... What was I thinking piecing 2 1/2" squares together to make the binding.  It took f-o-r-e-v-e-r ....

While I was sewing the binding from hell, mom got her Minnesota 5 yard quilt done.  Isn't it great!

Here's my postage stamp quilt, all done.  Whew!  OK the binding was worth the effort and time.  I really love the pieced binding now that it's done.  There's an adorable screened porch at the retreat center.  I love the red chairs!

Laura worked on a 'calendar'.... This block is one of my favorites....

Then I worked on my pillows inspired by my nieces.  I couldn't wait to take the picture, I ran out of stuffing and didn't want to waste my retreat time looking for fluff at Walmart.  I stuffed and finished them when I got home.

This was Linda's first retreat!  I'm still not sure what she thought...

Here is Linda's 5 yard quilt that she completed!

Mom is sewing away on another quilt... she got so much done at this retreat, she made all of the projects that she packed.  I wish I could say the same....

Here Mom is showing us her Sudoku Quilt that she finished.  It's made out of brightly colored flannel.

Oh my, I'm tired, giddy and sewing away late the last night.
Laura also finished quilting and binding this cute Halloween project.
Then Laura whipped this quilt out the last night.  She cut 45   2  1/2" strips wof, then sewed them all end to end to form one big long strip, then fold in half and sew length wise, fold in half and sew, fold in half and sew until you have 32 rows.  Isn't this a fun and easy quilt!  She was going to take it home to finish it with borders.

I ended retreat working on new designs... this is a glimpse of spring....

If you have a chance to visit Pins & Needles, it's well worth the trip.  If I go to the retreat center again, I think I would spread out into the kitchen - living room area more for space.  A really nice thing about the location of the retreat center is that you are walking distance to anything that you may want or need.  I got up early one morning and walked down the street to Holiday and bought some water and milk.  It was only a few blocks.  We ate out lunch at a lovely coffee shop and dinner at a wonderful 'Tavern' which was full of local art and wine that was for sale.  The food was wonderful!  Otherwise we munched on goodies we all brought to share.  I'm already looking forward to the next scheduled retreat in March at  Cozy Home.  Thank you Kim for organizing such a lovely weekend.

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  1. What an awesome retreat, I really like your glimpse of spring.